Madden 21: Rookie faces revealed - Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa & more

Reveals for Madden 21 have slowed down a bit since ratings week, but we've finally got something new - how four rookies will look in the game.

Let's go over what EA have shared.

Madden 21 Rookie Faces Revealed

We haven't gotten too many insights into how gameplay will look in Madden 21 outside of screenshots and participants in the Closed Beta.

Thanks to a Tweet from the EA Madden Twitter account however, we now have a new one.

Madden 21 Joe Burrow 1
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A NEW HOPE: Joe Burrow has Cincinnati fans very hopeful following one of the organization's worst seasons

This is one of the first looks behind the scenes at how players will look in-game.

Madden 21 Tua Tagovailoa 1
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DON'T SLEEP: Tua may not have been the first pick, but he's coming to the league intent to show why he should've been

You can look over all of the face reveals here.

Hopefully this is the start of plenty more visual reveals as we approach Madden 21 release day.

Madden 21 Release Date

Madden 21 will officially release 25 August. Players can get 3 days of Early Access, however, by purchasing the Deluxe Edition or the MVP Edition.

madden 21 cover
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TRUZZ: Lamar Jackson leads Madden into the next generation with his cover spot on Madden 21

That means there's just over a month left before release day!

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Since we've gotten so many big reveals, like the game's ratings in their entirety, pre-order bonuses, trailers, and more, there isn't much left for EA to show us about Madden 21 before we're playing it ourselves!

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