Madden 21 Ratings: The best players in Franchise Mode - Mahomes, Gilmore, Donald, McCaffrey & more

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Madden 21 is finally here!

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Patrick Mahomes - 99 OVR

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Position: QB

The Madden 20 cover star led the Chiefs to the Lombardi Trophy in his second year as a starter after claiming Super Bowl MVP himself, and he has all the tools to dominate in Madden 21.

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MAGIC MAHOMES: With a cannon arm and good speed he's deadly

Mahomes best traits are his 97 Throw Under Pressure, 97 Throw Accuracy Short, 95 Throw Accuracy Medium, and 97 Throw on the Run.

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Mahomes is more of a jack of all trades than dominant at any one, which makes for an incredibly deadly QB in all situations.

Aaron Donald - 99 OVR

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Position: RE

Denied a third-straight Defensive Player of the Year award, Aaron Donald might just light the NFL on fire in 2021.

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YOU BETTER HOLD: Grab whatever you can to keep Aaron Donald off your QB

The Rams defensive end has 34 sacks and 92 QB hits in the last three years - and he'll be QB killer once again in Madden 21.

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Donald's best Madden 21 ratings are his 99 Strength, 99 Power Moves, 97 Finesse Moves, and 97 Block Shedding. You're going to need an army to hold him back.

Christian McCaffrey - 99 OVR

Team: Carolina Panthers

Position: HB

Neither the fastest nor the strongest, it is Christian McCaffrey's ability to do everything that earned him his spot in the 99 Club.

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ENGINE: McCaffrey drives the entire Panthers offense, and is still nearly unstoppable

He finished 2019 with 100+ catches, 1,000+ yards both rushing and receiving, and 19 touchdowns, and this flexibility is reflected in his Madden 21 ratings.

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McCaffrey's best attributes are his 98 Carrying, 96 Change of Direction, 96 BC Vision, 96 Juke Moves, and 97 Agility. He'll be a fantastic elite tier running back in all situations.

Stephon Gilmore - 99 OVR

Team: New England Patriots

Position: CB

Stephon Gilmore was the Defensive Player of the Year last season, and it's earned him his spot in the 99 Club.

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ERASER: Gilmore can take opposing WRs out of the game

Gilmore is all about shutting out elite receivers, and he'll be doing plenty of it in Madden 21.

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Gilmore's best ratings are his 99 Man Coverage, 98 Play Recognition, and 99 Press.

Michael Thomas - 99 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints

Position: WR

The Saints receiver might not be the fastest, but his incredibly strong hands and superbly precise route running has earned him the final spot in the 99 Club.

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PRECISION EVERY SNAP: Michael Thomas' route running skills will make him deadly all across the field

He led the NFL last season with 149 catches (a new NFL record) and 1,725 yards.

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In Madden 21 Michael Thomas is absolutely stacked, with his best ratings being 99 Catching, 99 Short Route Running, 98 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, 98 Medium Route Running, and 98 Release.

Bobby Wagner - 98 OVR

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: MLB

The Seahawks middle linebacker is coming off a season with 159 tackles and three sacks

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FIELD GENERAL: Wagner knows what's coming at all times

His ability to read offenses and make plays has carried him to just below the 99 Club in Madden 21.

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Wagner's best ratings are his 98 Hit Power, 96 Tackle, 97 Play Recognition, and 97 Pursuit, which help him chase down the play no matter where it is on the field.

George Kittle - 98 OVR

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Position: TE

This might seem high for a tight end, but George Kittle is a beast both with the ball and blocking.

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ELITE: George Kittle is the highest rated TE in Madden 21

Because of that double threat skillset, he's the highest rated TE in Madden 21.

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Kittle's best ratings are his 98 Catching, 88 Release, 88 Spectacular Catch, and 87 Short Route Running.

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