Madden 21 Ratings: Best DT's - Fletcher Cox, Chris Jones, Michael Pierce & more

Madden 21 ratings season is behind us, which means we now know how OVR's look heading into release day.

With this, let's go over the best DT's in Madden 21.

Fletcher Cox - 96 OVR

Fletcher Cox leads Madden 21 as the best DT by a mile, and while this gap is debatable since 2018 (Cox's best year by a large margin) - he's certainly an elite talent that can power his way through an offensive line.

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Cox was pivotal for the Eagles during their Super Bowl run, and still ties together the defense to this day as a five-time straight Pro Bowler.

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In Madden 21, Cox brings to the table 97 Pursuit, 96 Power Moves, 95 Strength, 95 Play Recognition, and 93 Tackle.

Chris Jones - 92 OVR

Chris Jones seems to be massively underrated in Madden 21.

But that doesn't mean he won't be very effective fronting the defense for the defending Super Bowl Champion, the Kansas City Chiefs, bringing to the table a lethal mix of power and finesse.

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Jones enters Madden 21 with 95 Power Moves, 93 Play Recognition, 92 Strength, 90 Pursuit, 90 Tackle, and 89 Finesse Moves.

Michael Pierce - 91 OVR

Michael Pierce has made his way to the Minnesota Vikings this off-season, and while he isn't the most explosive playmaker, he's a very powerful anchor added on to the Vikings defense.

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VIKING INVASION: The Minnesota Vikings have gotten even stronger this offseason by picking up Michael Pierce

Pierce is a young player with plenty of time to improve his game, and clearly EA is quite high on him with his high rating - despite only getting 3.5 sacks in his three seasons so far.

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In Madden 21, Pierce brings to the table 96 Strength, 95 Play Recognition, and 94 Block Shedding, but is limited by his 81 Power Moves and 62 Finesse Moves.

Grady Jarrett - 90 OVR

Grady Jarrett is coming off of a career-high year in 2019, a year that ended with Pro Bowl honors.

Jarrett is the third-highest paid DT in the NFL, and it shows in his massive production from his first five years in the league.

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In Madden 21, Jarrett brings to the table 94 Play Recognition, 93 Power Moves, 90 Block Shedding, and 86 Hit Power.

Kenny Clark - 90 OVR

Kenny Clark is coming off of a very solid 2019, the first year he's started and played all 16 games, and a year that ended in Pro Bowl honors.

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TAKE NOTICE: The Green Bay Packers are entering Madden 21 as a dangerous lineup, even with some underrated players

As a young player Clark has all the room to improve, though it may not be done with the Packers on his final year of his contract.

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In Madden 21, Clark has 95 Strength, 93 Play Recognition, 92 Block Shedding, and 89 Power Moves.

Geno Atkins - 88 OVR

Geno Atkins is the most veteran player on the list, having had his taste of Madden success in the past.

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NOT QUITE: Atkins may not quite be at the level of his MUT card, but he's still a massive presence for the Bengals defense

Atkins is coming off of his sixth-straight Pro Bowl appearance, making for eight in his career, more than the rest of the list combined.

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In Madden 21, Atkins has 90 Strength, 90 Power Moves, 90 Play Recognition, 89 Block Shedding, and 85 Hit Power.

DeForest Buckner - 87 OVR

DeForest Buckner is coming off a very promising start to his career, and was traded to the Indianapolis Colts this offseason where he'll get the chance to prove his worth.

The Colts clearly value his promise, picking him up for a first-round draft pick and making him the second-highest paid DT in the league. This isn't exactly reflected in the Madden 21 ratings.

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In Madden 21, Buckner enters with 90 Finesse Moves, 88 Play Recognition, 87 Strength, 87 Hit Power, and 83 Power Moves.

Best DT's in Madden 21

Fletcher Cox
Philadelphia Eagles
Chris Jones
Kansas City Chiefs
Michael Pierce
Minnesota Vikings
Grady Jarrett
Atlanta Falcons
Kenny Clark
Green Bay Packers
Geno Atkins
Cincinnati Bengals
DeForest Buckner
Indianapolis Colts
Kawann Short
Carolina Panthers
Vita Vea
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brandon Williams
Baltimore Ravens
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