MUT 21 adds to Heroes with return of Free Agency

Madden 21 Ultimate Team never waits too long before adding new content, and it's never too late for new players to dive in if you've only recently picked up the game on EA Play.

Here's all the info you need to get rolling and start making moves in MUT for Madden 21.

Latest - MUT Power Ups are live

Madden 21 Ultimate Team usually has the focus on powerful cards like LTDs or the recently returning MUT Heroes, but there's another set making a big impact right now.

MUT Power Ups are back, and these 15 new cards may seem weak at a glance, but they've got a world of potential.

MUT Power Ups can be heavily upgraded through Training Points to get much more devastating stats, new X-Factor abilities, and even additional chemistry slots.

Check out all the details here about every single new Power Ups player in MUT 21.

MUT Heroes is back

Madden Ultimate Team has seen the return of MUT Heroes, and it's one promo fans are excited to see back.

This classic promo looks at superstars players and pairs them with unique super-powered bonuses for certain skills, such as a Derrick Henry card seeing a huge supernatural juke move as a superpower.

MUT Heroes launched for Madden 21 on Friday, March 5, 2021, and new LTDs continue to hit that players will want to grab while they can.

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MUT 21 Series 5

MUT 21 Series 5 is currently live, and it hit Madden 21 Ultimate Team on February 19, 2021.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team MUT TOTW 4
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UPPER ECHELON: Madden 21 Ultimate Team TOTW players are a cut above

Every time we see a new MUT 21 Series, it tends to come with frequent updates and new content, which gives new and exiting players a shot at some of the best players.

Series 5 also continued the Series Redux trend of previous Series, and that means certain Series 4 LTDs are still available in Packs now.

In addition, Series 5 includes new Team Builders Challenges, new level rewards, missions, and more.

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Starting Challenges

Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21 starts with some challenges to get players acclimated to the game mode. These challenges are locked to Rookie difficulty and require very simple tasks like gaining 5 yards in a possession.

rsz lamar jackson madden 21
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EASY MODE: Having Lamar Jackson at QB for the first challenges makes them a breeze

For the fastest way to run through these starter challenges, simply scramble with Lamar Jackson after your receivers drag the defense back and you can handle most of them in a single snap.

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This is EA's way of screening out players who aren't yet ready to play against other people.


After opening your pre-order packs if you have them, you'll be tempted to purchase some more. Despite this feeling, don't buy packs in MUT without realizing they aren't the most valuable way to grow! These are always a gamble, and almost never worth the cost to purchase them unless you get lucky.

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Instead, simply pick up the players you need on the Marketplace as they are posted. This is how you save your coins in the long run.


Once you've got your team set, it's time to dive into solo content. Yes, that's right, not a multiplayer queue.

Madden 21 MUT missions 1
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BEWARE: Some missions are overtuned for players early on in MUT

This is because solo missions are the best way to build up your team and grind out coins.

The first sets of missions are very simple, and once you're able to start leveling up the difficulty, this is worth it for the extra rewards.

Keep an eye on bonus objectives for missions, as these also offer additional rewards and are usually pretty straightforward if you know about them ahead of time.

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