Madden 21 MUT Captains Revealed - Aeneas Williams, Eddie George, Ed McCaffrey, & La'Roi Glover announced!

A key pillar of building a successful Ultimate Team in Madden is picking your Captain.

This player is with you all season and can be developed up to 99 OVR. The question is, who will it be? Let's take a look at what Madden 21 has in store.

New Captains for MUT 21

Last year saw players have the choice between Ryan Shazier (MLB), Dallas Clark (TE), Ty Law (CB), and Herman Moore (WR).

In Madden 19 we had Ray Lewis (MLB), Michael Strahan (DE), Jerry Rice (WR), and Shannon Sharpe (TE).

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THE ONE: Nearly every MUT player picked Shazier in Madden 20

We can expect to see an MLB, WR, and TE then, with one more floating defensive player. But who will they be?

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Given that Madden has a pretty deep roster of former players they can pick from it will be tough to put our finger on which players will get the Captain cards.

Eddie George, HB

The OG Madden cover star is back! Tennessee's iconic running back returns to Madden as a Captain.

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He's a powerful back so if you love running the ball he'll be a great choice all year.

Aeneas Williams, CB

The former Cardinals & Rams cornerback was the first one revealed on Madden 21's stream.

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If you're looking to make a theme team with one of them or just lockdown opposing passing games then he's the guy for you.

Ed McCaffrey, WR

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The father of Christian McCaffrey, Ed was a terrific WR for the Denver Broncos and is in MUT for perhaps the first time ever.

La'Roi Glover, DT

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The big former Cowboys DT is here to bring some beef to your lineup. He's sure to be an exceptional player all year.

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