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Super Bowl LIV is over with and the NFL season behind us. Which means it is time for MUT Series 5 to finally drop.

Series 4 brought with it Zero Chill, Ghosts of Madden, TOTY, NFL Playoffs and plenty of other content to keep solo grinders, competitive battlers and paying players satisfied.

Most importantly it ushered in the first 95+ overall players as the top teams in MUT are really starting to separate themselves from the rest as the players get better and the rewards get bigger.

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We don’t know when Series 5 will arrive, but we know it’s soon.

MUT Series 5 start date

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BIG SPENDER: Make the most of the trophies you've earned

The release date for Series 5 is coming up fast now the Super Bowl is done.

7 February is the date to circle in your calendar.

All players need to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your Series 4 trophies. They’ll be halved and converted into Series 5 trophies, so if your Weekend League and Solo Battle rewards take you to another Coach Madden upgrade or the Brandin Cooks master congratulations, but if they don't get on those Touchdown Packs!

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Each will cost 220 trophies and will give
you the choice of a 65,000 coin quicksell or one of three 83+ elite players.

Redzone packs, which will give you 25,000
coins or players, are worth 90 trophies and are also a good choice to boost
your coin account quickly and easily.

MUT Series 5 Master

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PROGRESSION: Did you dominate Series 4?

We’ve now seen two offensive and two defensive Series Masters. Offense ruled in Series 4 with Brandin Cooks, so it will flip back to defense with...

Joey Bosa!

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The Chargers defensive end gets a massive 97 OVR that comes with a perfect 99 finesse move and massive 95 power move.

This card will perform better than nearly every highly rated Zero Chill card and TOTY card, so earn those trophies and get him in your lineup!

MUT Level

Most players will have hit the 80 level cap after the long Series 4, so expect the MUT level cap to go up.

A cap of 90 has been confirmed, and the rewards will include a Master token for Pat Tillman and Tory Holt as they are on the bench for a lot of teams, and maybe even a big Power Up Pass like a 96 OVR.

LTD Players in packs

One of the biggest aspects of a new Series is the introduction of Series Redux players. The LTD players from the previous series will be released into packs at the start of Series 5.

So, players like LTD Signature Series Jared
Goff, LTD Legends Jason Sehorn, or LTD TOTW Michael Gallup will be available
once again in packs.

Ultimate Legends

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ULTIMATE LEGENDS: Play with the best of the best in Madden 20

The latest title update on Madden,
Championship Run, teased the release of Ultimate Legends in MUT, saying: “Rock
the gridiron with all-time Legendary players in Ultimate Team.”

That is listed as early February, and now confirmed for Saturday 8 February.

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Ultimate Legends sees the players in the Legends program get new cards boosted up to the high 90s overall to keep them relevant with the newest cards.

This program will be one of the first to produce a lot of 98 and 99 OVR cards and is always a huge part of the MUT content calendar.

Solo challenges

Of course, there will be a big wave of new solo challenges and missions throughout the series. We don’t know anything yet as nothing has been announced by EA, but programs like Team MVPs and programs around the NFL Scouting Combine and NFL Draft will likely make their debuts.

Ultimate Team can be a bit overwhelming so check out our tips and tricks here!

Theme Diamond 2

Night Train Lane Theme Diamond 2 stats
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ELITE: This will be a starter for everyone

This is confirmed for Series 5! The Theme Diamond 2 Master will be a 98 OVR Night Train Lane card.

Each team will get a 95 OVR Theme Diamond (except Cleveland & Oakland who get 94s) and this includes Daunte Culpepper, Mike Brown, Tony Boselli, and Simeon Rice.

Journey: Diamonds

This new solo challenge offers you the chance to play with and against the new Theme Diamonds. Earn 60 stars to get a NAT Theme Diamonds 2 Fantasy Pack, 120 stars for a second and all 200 stars for a third.

All three should give you something good...

Journey 3

Also confirmed for Series 5 is The Journey 3! We don't yet know who the reward card will be but you can expect it to be an offensive player around 94 OVR.

This set of solo challenges always has a nice haul of coins attached to it too so it is perfect for those grinders out there!

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