Madden 20 Ultimate Team: HUGE update to Super Bowl House Rules in MUT

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House Rules in Madden Ultimate Team has been a recurring game mode through several programs, and on Friday there will be a new set with a brand new feature that fans have been begging for.

Throughout MUT this year we have seen several House Rules come to solo challenges and online H2H. These included starting set points down and having to win while being rewarded or penalized for specific plays or outcomes, or even just having to win in a two minute drill. Either way, these challenges presented quick and replayable challenges to earn potentially excellent rewards.

There are just a few days left of the current
House Rules event, as on Friday we’ll be treated to a brand new set with an
amazing feature.


Obviously, online play is the main mode in
Ultimate Team, but one issue plagues every single game you play: Repetitive
play calling. There are specific plays that everyone loves and uses, which are
very hard to counter, and too many people exclusively use them for an entire

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Friday’s House Rules look to remedy that.


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PLAYCALLING: Channel your inner Andy Reid to keep your opponents on their toes


On this morning’s Good Morning Madden livestream this new feature for House Rules was introduced.

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This means you have to run a specific amount of plays before you can call that play again. That number will change, we’re not sure on what, but means you cannot call the same play on back-to-back plays or until you’ve run four more plays, for example.


The second aspect introduced this morning
takes this feature to another level.

Not only will you not be able to use the same play multiple times in a row or for long lengths of time, this feature puts a hard limit on how many times you can use it in the course of a game.

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Again, we don’t know the numbers of the
limits, but it may mean your favorite third down play is only available to use
up to three times in a game.


What does this mean?

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HOUSE RULES: Play with custom rules in online H2H


Overall this means every single player is
going to have to be far more tactical with their playcalling, rather than ‘cheesing’
and relying on the same plays every down.

It is infuriating to play against the same play every single down, especially when that play is overpowered (we're looking at you, Stretch).

These House Rules will hopefully target
these meta plays and will improve the realism of gameplay, while rewarding
players with a deeper knowledge of football and their playbooks.

This is a move that could bring gameplay closer
to a realistic experience.

It launches on Friday as the House Rules change.

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