Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Dominate MUT with these tips & tricks – Key ratings, best solo challenges & more

MUT can be a daunting challenge, but we can guide you through the pitfalls to an epic team.

Madden Ultimate Team has grown into a behemoth over the last ten years. It is not only the biggest mode on the game, but one of the best game modes on any sports title.

The number of formats you can play, the number of players available, the presentation of it, and most importantly the personalization, make it so diverse and accessible. However, that can be a bit overwhelming to new players. Where do you start?

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That’s where we come in. Here are some key tips and tricks to get off to a good start and have success on Madden Ultimate Team.

Key offensive attributes

You’re not going to be able to play very well if you don’t have the right players, right?

With so many versions of most players available, and so many chemistries, offensive and defensive systems, and personal preferences, it’s impossible to tell you which specific players you’re going to want.

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Obviously, in general, the higher the overall, the more likely they are going to be impactful for your team. However, going by overall only can leave you begging for more coins and venturing into the awful ‘pay-for-play’ arena.

So, there are certain attributes that you can look at to help find the right players for your team.

Throw Accuracy and Throw Under Pressure

PINPOINT: Throw darts with your QB

It is easy to get caught up with throw power or scrambling ability when you’re looking for a QB, but on competitive modes you could find those attributes come at a cost.

On competitive settings, there is little more annoying than a pass wildly missing your target for no apparent reason – it happened purely because players have to miss occasionally and the computer arbitrarily decided it would be that moment.

So, to combat that, prioritize high accuracy QBs. Being accurate will minimize missed opportunities and avoidable turnovers. It will also mask some shortcomings with throw power, because you don’t need to be able to sling the ball all the way downfield, just hit the right spot.  

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Pair it with throw under pressure, and when a free blitzer comes through, or a superstar ability adds pressure, it is less likely to ruin your play. You can be under a lot of pressure in MUT, and TUP will help massively.

Break Tackle and Elusiveness

WOOP: Break ankles and go beast mode with your ballcarriers

When it comes to ball carriers, there are certain attributes that are a given to be desirable. For example, you’re obviously going to want fast players, so I won’t tell you to target fast players. However, pairing these two attributes with speed, or any others, is a recipe for success.

Elusiveness and break tackle when paired together are incredibly frustrating to play against. Elusiveness means runners are slippery and hard to get a clean tackle on – think Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey type runners. Break tackle is a player’s ability to run after contact and break the tackle – Mark Ingram, Marshawn Lynch type guys.

High ratings on these two can take focus off individual attributes like juke move and trucking, for example, and can mask some perceived slowness – if they’re fast but don’t break tackles they may not be that good.

Catching and Catch in Traffic

HANDS: Can your players reel it in when getting hit?

Catching is obviously important, but it is especially important because it impacts both catch in traffic and spectacular catch. So, if you have two players, one with 80 catching and 85 catch in traffic, and another with 85 catching and 80 catch in traffic, you may think the first is better in traffic. But, because his catching is lower, it still means there is a higher chance he drops the ball in any situation.

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Catch in traffic is crucial because you’ll always need players making tough catches. If you can get pass catchers with high catching and catch in traffic, you could enrage opponents with the plays your players make, while their players drop passes if they’re contacted.

Key defensive attributes

Playing defense can be so difficult with the quality of player cards and the quality of people controlling them. So, these are the defensive attributes that will put your team in the best position to succeed.

Play Recognition

IQ: Shut down opponents with immediate play recognition

Play recognition is an often overlooked rating but can have such a huge impact on your defense. If you’re controlling a player, it doesn’t particularly impact your play, because the player’s reactions and recognition are only as good as yours.

However, you still have 10 more players on the field. Players with high play recognition give you such an advantage in limiting an opponent’s success and creating big defensive plays. Play recognition will help combat play action, identify running lanes, identify route concepts and read the QB.

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Play recognition can mask shortcomings in speed, acceleration, zone and man coverage, and block shedding, because the player can identify the play early and move to the right spot before everyone else has.

Block Shedding

SWIM: Shed blocks with ease to make tackles

Though play recognition can mask some shortcomings in block shedding, it isn’t going to every time and block shedding itself can completely ruin an offense.

Running plays, kick returns, punt returns and run after the catch all rely on some level of blocking. Some more than others. If you have defensive players at every position with high block shedding, you’ll be able to disengage blocks quickly and minimize all offensive gains.


WRAPPED UP: Lock down your opponents with secure tackling

A lot of your success on defense can be decided by your ability to tackle. Sure, it’s exciting to go for hit power and cause fumbles, which there is certainly a time for and is valuable, but consistent tackling will be more helpful more often.

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Just as break tackle and elusiveness is massive for the offense, if you can rely on your players to wrap up ball carriers at the point of contact, and not slide off ballcarriers, you’ll be able to neutralize run after the catch and big running plays.

There is very little more annoying than offensive players breaking tackles upon tackles and gaining inexplicable yards when they should have gone down. Good tackling players solves that issue.

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