Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Best NFL Playoffs cards - Champ Bailey, Terrell Owens, Dee Ford & more

The NFL Playoffs are here. We have seen several upsets during
Wildcard weekend, as the Houston Texans were the only home team to advance to
the Divisional round and that was only thanks to a frantic comeback and some
overtime heroics.

With the New England Patriots sent packing by the Tennessee
Titans we will see a new Super Bowl champion in February.

To celebrate the playoffs Madden Ultimate Team have dropped
a new program of cards: NFL Playoffs.

The top end of this set will be starters in even the best
lineups, but even at the lower OVR levels several of these cards can improve on
some of the bargain players you have been making the most of.

There are two Masters, one on offense and one on defense,
and a Hero card for each playoff team. Acquiring all of these will be tricky,
but thanks to the position distribution there is someone who will improve your
team. Especially if you are stacking team chems for one of these 12.

Let’s start by looking at the Masters before going into the more
important Hero cards.

Champ Bailey (96 OVR)

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Position: CB

Team: Denver Broncos

Key Stats: Man Coverage (96), Speed (94), Zone Coverage

Auction House Value: Xbox – 490k / PS4 – 497k / PC – 613k

Welcome to the new best cornerback in the game. Or at least a challenger to the Deion Sanders NFL 100 card that has been terrorizing players since it was introduced.

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The Broncos icon already has a strong legends card, but he
comes in as the defensive Playoffs Master card and is a powerful player. His 96
man coverage and 94 speed make him a weapon on the field.

With 79 catching, 77 pursuit, and 75 tackling he is also a
turnover machine that can help after the catch and in the run game.

Terrell Owens (96 OVR)

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Position: WR

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Key Stats: Catch In Traffic (96), Release (95), Speed

Auction House Value: Xbox – 511k / PS4 – 509k / PC – 663k

Terrell Owens takes the
offensive Master spot in this program. His 96 OVR card is a beast that will
challenge any player. With 92+ in nearly every key receiving stat and a big 94
jumping he is a dominant red zone receiver.

He’s also immense with the
ball in his hands. 94 break tackle, 92 stiff arm, and 86 juke move means he can
take short passes to the house as well.

That’s the Masters, so who
are the best Hero cards to try and get?

Travis Kelce (95 OVR)

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Position: TE

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Key Stats: Catching (93),
Jumping (92), Speed (86)

Auction House Value: Xbox
– 314k / PS4 – 307k / PC – 396k

Travis Kelce isn’t the best tight end card, nor is he the fastest, but the position can be tough to fill as part of a wider team strategy, and his status as a Chiefs player really helps.

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With many MUT players using
the 90 OVR Patrick Mahomes card at QB and at least one of Tyreek Hill and Mecole
Hardman, developing a good Chiefs chemistry can help boost those key positions.
Adding Kelce to your team not only brings a deadly weapon to your offense but
another step on the way to stronger team chemistry.

Kelce brings impressive 93
in caching, catching in traffic, and spectacular catch. His 92 jumping and 86
speed means he can compete with anyone on short routes and will be a pain to

Marshawn Lynch (95 OVR)

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Position: HB

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Key Stats: Trucking (96),
Break Tackle (95), Speed (90)

Auction House Value: Xbox
– 306k / PS4 – 317k / PC – 330k

The return of Beast Mode had
MUT players salivating, and this card more than delivers on expectations.

Marshawn Lynch’s Playoffs
Hero card is as physical as they come. With a massive 96 trucking, 95 break
tackle, and 94 carrying he is nearly impossible to stop in the open field and a
well-timed truck will send even the best linebackers sprawling.

His 65 catching is enough to
use him in passing games, and with 90 speed and 92 acceleration he can pick up
big yards in the open field.

He’s a cheaper buy than the
likes of Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, and Eric Dickerson too.

Dee Ford (95 OVR)

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Position: LE

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Key Stats: Finesse Moves
(96), Power Moves (90), Strength (85)

Auction House Value: Xbox
– 308k / PS4 – 306k / PC – 369k

Pass rushing is always important, and the NFL Playoffs series introduces an elite one in the shape of 49ers end Dee Ford.

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Ford’s 96 finesse moves are
the highest in MUT while his 90 power moves, 86 speed, and 85 strength all compliment
well. He is a monster edge rusher for a 4-3 defense, and will be very good in a
3-4 too. If you aren’t worried too much about chems then you can sit him at OLB
and watch him crush from there too.

Every NFL Playoffs Master & Hero card

AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Champ Bailey
Denver Broncos
490k / 497k
Terrell Owens
San Francisco 49ers
511k / 509k
Travis Kelce
Kansas City Chiefs
314k / 307k
Marshawn Lynch
Seattle Seahawks
306k / 317k
Dee Ford
San Francisco 49ers
308k / 306k
Brandon Brooks
Philadelphia Eagles
306k / 302k
Danielle Hunter
Minnesota Vikings
306k / 303k
Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints
304k / 294k
Davante Adams
Green Bay Packers
304k / 293k
Kevin Byard
Tennessee Titans
308k / 310k
Trumaine Edmunds
Buffalo Bills
301k / 310k
Deshaun Watson
Houston Texans
345k / 332k
Stephon Gilmore
New England Patriots
325k / 320k
Ronnie Stanley
Baltimore Ravens
310k / 310k

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