Madden 20 Series 5 Theme Diamonds 2: Solo Challenges include Journey 3 token

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Madden 20's Ultimate Team Series 5 is now live!

With it will come a whole host of new challenges for players to grind out and dominate.

You can keep up to date with Series 5 news on our live updates blog!

Not every piece of fresh content will be available immediately, but one we expect to go live straight away is Theme Diamonds 2.

These sets are incredibly tough to complete as they often require upwards of 30 cards to complete and to get the Theme Diamonds Master you need to do 32 sets, that's one for every NFL team!

The first Theme Diamond Master was a 93 OVR Kurt Warner, which was the highest-rated card in MUT when it first dropped.

That honor won't go to the 2nd Master, but it will still be an incredible card...

Theme Diamond 2 Master

Night Train Lane Theme Diamond 2 stats
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Dick "Night Train" Lane will be the Master for Theme Diamonds 2. The cornerback's card will be a massive 98 OVR and comes with 97 zone coverage, 96 jumping, and 94 speed. This is listed as a "work in progress" though so his stats may be a little different when launched.

He will be an instant starter in any defense and a true nightmare for offenses, even if you have the electric 98-speed Tyreek Hill.

Team Theme Diamonds

Every team is getting a new Theme Diamond player too. Again, everything is currently listed as a "work in progress" but only the stats will change, not the players.

  • Arizona Cardinals - Anquan Boldin, WR, 95 OVR
  • Atlanta Falcons - Alge Crumpler, TE, 95 OVR
  • Baltimore Ravens - Jamal Lewis, HB, 95 OVR
  • Buffalo Bills - Eric Wood, C, 95 OVR
  • Carolina Panthers - Kris Jenkins, DT, 95 OVR
  • Cincinnati Bengals - Taylor Mays, SS, 95 OVR
  • Chicago Bears - Mike Brown, FS, 95 OVR
  • Cleveland Browns - Josh Cribbs, WR, 94 OVR
  • Dallas Cowboys - Erik Williams, RT, 95 OVR
  • Denver Broncos - Rod Smith, WR, 95 OVR
  • Detroit Lions - Johnnie Morton, WR, 95 OVR
  • Green Bay Packers - Gilbert Brown, DT, 95 OVR
  • Houston Texans - Brian Cushing, MLB, 95 OVR
  • Indianapolis Colts - Edgerrin James, HB, 95 OVR

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  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Tony Boselli, LT, 95 OVR
  • Kansas City Chiefs - Will Shields, RG, 95 OVR
  • Los Angeles Chargers - Antonio Cromartie, CB, 95 OVR
  • Los Angeles Rams - Mike Jones, LOLB, 95 OVR
  • Miami Dolphins - Olindo Mare, K, 95 OVR
  • Minnesota Vikings - Daunte Culpepper, QB, 95 OVR
  • New England Patriots - Logan Mankins, LG, 95 OVR
  • New Orleans Saints - Tracy Porter, CB, 95 OVR
  • New York Giants - Victor Cruz, WR, 95 OVR
  • New York Jets - Joe Klecko, LE, 95 OVR

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  • Oakland Raiders - Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, 94 OVR
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Brian Westbrook, HB, 95 OVR
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Joey Porter, ROLB, 95 OVR
  • San Francisco 49ers - Garrison Hearst, HB, 95 OVR
  • Seattle Seahawks - Marcus Trufant, CB, 95 OVR
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Simeon Rice, RE, 95 OVR
  • Tennessee Titans - Derrick Mason, WR, 95 OVR
  • Washington Redskins - Doug Williams, QB, 95 OVR

Which set will you be completing first?

The Journey 3

Rather than give another set of solo challenges, MUT have combined The Journey Part 3 and Theme Diamonds 2.

If you get 320 stars, or 100%, of the Journey: Diamonds challenges then you will get your Journey Part 3 completion token for the set!

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