Madden 20 Series 5 Master Joey Bosa is coming!

Super Bowl LIV is done, Zero Chill, the NFL Playoffs, and even Team of the Year are in the rearview mirror.

That means there is just one thing in front of us... MUT Series 5!

It's been a long wait for MUT Series 5, so much so that people wondered if Madden 21 would arrive before we got a new Ultimate Team series.


But we now know that it is coming on Friday 7 February.

Along with the new season there will be a host of series redux cards and new power-up items, but what everyone wants to know is who will be the Series 5 Master!

We are about to end Series 4, where the 95 OVR Brandin Cooks has been available as the Master for 1,050 S4 Trophies (NAT) and an auctionable version was there for 2,000 S4 Trophies.

And now we get a 97 OVR Joey Bosa.

Joey Bosa MUT Series 5 Master

bosa master
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QB KILLER: Bosa is going to terrorize your offense


The Chargers defensive end gets the monster card!

His 92 OVR Harvest card was already and elite pass rusher, but this time it's going to be insane.

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If you run a 4-3 defense then you will have to have this card!

With a huge 99 finesse move and 95 power move he will be nearly unblockable.

What else is coming?

There will be some fresh uniform options if you want your MUT team to look elite.


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Along with that there will be a continuation of the NFL Honors as Stephon Gilmore and Christian McCaffrey are coming!

There will be a level cap increase to 90, and another Pat Tillman upgrade token to earn!