Madden 20: Is Ultimate Team over for this year? MUT, Position Heroes, Loyalty, new content, cards, 99 OVR & more

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We may only be a few months away from Madden 21, but Madden 20 still has a large player base on Ultimate Team.

Or at least, it did. A recent drought in fresh content and silence from the MUT Community Team has players abandoning the game for other titles.

The MUT drought

The NFL Draft promo was the last serious program that Madden 20 players had to sink their teeth into. That ended more than a month ago.

Since then we have had three weeks of Fan Appreciation, which consisted of a few solo challenges to give you a free Golden Ticket player.

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BUT NOW WHAT: Sure players got a top card, but they have nothing to do with it

A nice get for players, but with no House Rules events or new cards to collect there has been little reason for MUT players to actually use their new 99 OVR card.

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Fans were expecting to hear about the next promo in recent Good Morning Madden streams on Twitch. However, those have been scaled back in recent weeks.

So, is Madden 20 dead?

The work from home problem

Ever since the COVID outbreak and lockdown, the Madden team have run into problems.

Color Smash suffered from rollout delays, weekly and monthly rewards are constantly late, and game modes regularly get gated.

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PRIMED & READY: Players are desperate to tackle some new challenges

It's not really a surprise given the logistics involved. Though it is disappointing that communication has been poor.

A rough road map of content would have been nice for players, and made the community more understanding about delays or issues. Instead, it has been vague comments around Journey 4 and that's about it.

Will we actually get new content?

With the Journey 4 master already being available via the Power Up item, it seems like there is some content coming to MUT.

While it seems the time has passed for Position Heroes, there is still likely to be a MUT Loyalty program that should bring in the 99 OVR kicker and punter players need to reach a team rating of 99 OVR.

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POSITION HEROES: Players have been waiting for months

There are about 12 weeks until the expected release date for Madden 21 - which is enough time to run the usual end of year promos. Though given the usual Friday release date, that number is really 11.

All eyes on EA Play & Madden 21

With EA Play scheduled for 11 June we are all about to jump on the Madden 21 hype train.

If working from home has interfered with current MUT updates, then it has certainly had an impact on Madden 21. That means even more resources are going to into the next game and they have to come from somewhere.

Lockdown has been a good time for most gamers, with extra free play days, special deals, and even GTA being made free by Epic Games.

For Madden players though, it has been rough.

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