Madden 20 MUT Loyalty: When will program launch? Madden 21 Ultimate Team & more

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The NFL Draft is a long-distant memory and Madden Ultimate Team players are crying out for new content.

We are expecting a few programs to enter the game shortly based on last year's schedule. That includes the Position Heroes which would introduce a lot of 99 OVR players.

The other one we should see soon is MUT Loyalty.

MUT Loyalty

Last year, the MUT Loyalty program started in mid-May and gave players plenty of time to collect tokens that they could carry over into the current game.

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TRADE IN: You could get a 99 OVR, or trade your tokens in for M20 packs

This gave legacy players an edge in the early stages of Madden 20 and is a nice little reward for grinding your way through a year of MUT.

So, will we get it this year?

When will MUT Loyalty start?

Every week brings new hope that EA will announce the start of a new promo.

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AWOL: We're still waiting for Position Heroes too...

The regular Ultimate Legend drops are nice, and there are some more power-up players coming into the game but right now there is little to really do in the game beyond H2H Seasons and Weekend League.

Our fingers are crossed that MUT Loyalty will start up on 8 May, ideally alongside Position Heroes.

Madden 21 release date news

We are still waiting to hear more about Madden 21. Lamar Jackson let slip that he will be on the cover, but beyond that little is known.

With EA Play announced for 11 June, we are hopeful of getting a trailer and release date then.

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