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Madden 20 Ultimate Team content has been quiet ever since the end of the NFL Draft.

While the Fan Appreciation packs are good, and have caused a massive market crash in the Auction House, there's very little new content coming in for MUT grinders.

However we do know that the final part of Journey is coming, and we also know who the master will be.

Journey 4 Master revealed

Thanks to MUThead, we know that the master for Journey 4 will be running back David Johnson.

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POWER UP: Fully powered it looks like a terrific card

The Houston Texans running back will get a 97 OVR card.

While Journey 4 is not yet out in-game, you can get David Johnson's card via his Power Up item.

If you have a 97 OVR Power Up Pass you can use that to get this elite back into your team.

Journey 4 release date

There is currently no release date for Journey 4, though with Johnson's leak the Madden team may have to bring it forward.

With Fan Appreciation entering its third and final week the earliest we can expect Journey 4 to come into Madden on Friday 5 June.

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It's likely to be tied into another promo, much like Journey 3 was. Hopefully that promo will be Position Heroes, as MUT players are desperate to finally reach that 99 OVR team rating.

Journey Set

Completing Journey 4 will give you the final token needed to complete the Journey Completion set.

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COVER STAR: We know Lamar will be on the front of Madden 21

MUT is yet to show what the reward will be. We are hopeful that it will be a Golden Ticket fantasy pack, or perhaps a Position Heroes fantasy pack.

Given most players have 98 & 99 OVR players at most positions now it would be disappointing to get another 97 OVR player here.

Madden 21 release date

It does appear that EA Sports is turning all its attention onto Madden 21 right now.

With such a long wait for content on MUT, a big announcement for Madden 21 planned on 1 June and EA Play just around the corner there is a lot going on, and supporting Madden 20's Ultimate Team experience doesn't seem to be at the top of their priorities during the COVID lockdowns.

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