Madden 20 Position Heroes: When can we expect program to arrive in Ultimate Team? Release date, masters, sets, Solo Challenges, House Rules, & more

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Madden Ultimate Team content has been slow to arrive since lockdown took effect.

While understandable, it is also incredibly disappointing that the Madden team have been unable to keep to the expected content schedule this year.

Fans are still hopeful that the Position Heroes promo will come, but when might that be?

Position Heroes release date

There is no firm release date, but we can make an educated guess.

Last year the Position Heroes followed the Draft in mid-May, but that window is quickly closing.

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BEAST: Fans are keen for another Jamal Adams card

With Fan Appreciation hitting last week, and going on for three weeks, it looks like we will have to wait until at least 5 June for this new promo.

That takes us dangerously close to the release of Madden 21.

Your chance to hit 99 OVR

Right now the top teams are ranked 98 OVR thanks to the lack of super high-end players at positions like kicker, punter, and offensive line. The Position Heroes promo will change that should it arrive.

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The Position Heroes promo will put out a 99 OVR card for EVERY position.

Most players will have 99 OVR Tory Holt and Pat Tillman, as well as a few others, but there are still plenty of players out there that want to hit the perfect 99 OVR team rating.

Position Heroes Sets

Last year's Position Heroes sets were extremely user-friendly.

You needed several tiers of OVR right tackle to complete the right tackle set, and the same for other positions. That lack of a specific card requirement kept the sets accessible to the majority of players and we hope it's a similar story this year.

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THEME TEAM: Will this year be as good for your team as last year?

Of course, it hasn't always been that way and EA could change it to ask you for a specific card. That would juice the market, which has been crashed basically since the Color Smash eggs hatched over Easter.

Solo Challenges

EA have done a good job of providing content for the solo grinders this year, and that shouldn't change with the Position Heroes.

Expect there to be one NAT 99 OVR card that can be earned for crushing some challenges this year.

House Rules

Likewise, the House Rules events have helped keep players earning cards rather than having to pay for them.

We can expect a limited time House Rules event, hopefully seven days rather than two, which will probably feature the cooldown/play limit rules again.

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