Justin Tucker revealed as the best Kicker in Madden 24

Justin Tucker
Credit: App Trigger

Justin Tucker
Credit: App Trigger

Madden 24 hype continues to grow, with fans more eager than ever to play the game. A lot of new information about Madden 24 has also been released recently, including some player ratings.

This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, Offensive Linemen, RB, Edge Rushers, Tight Ends, and Cornerbacks.

The Kickers ratings have also been revealed. Justin Tucker sits comfortably in first place, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Justin Tucker (91 OVR)

Justin Tucker is once again the best kicker in a Madden title. The Baltimore Ravens kicker is by far the best player of his position in Madden 24.

Justin Tucker
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Credit: SBNation.com

If you need a field goal to win a game or take it into OT, Tucker is your man. With his 99 kick power and 99 kick accuracy, it's almost impossible for him to miss a field goal in Madden 24.

Daniel Carlson (83 OVR)

The second-best kicker in Madden 24 is non-other than Daniel Carlson. Carlson had a great 2022 season, making 34 of the 37 field goals he attempted.

In Madden 24, he has an 83 OVR which seems too low. He has a 95 kick power and 91 kick accuracy. Similar to Tucker, Carlson almost never misses a field goal.

Graham Gano (83 OVR)

Graham Gano is also an 83 OVR on Madden 24, and he closes out the podium. The New York Giants kicker has a very powerful kick, with 98 kick power. He also has a 92 kick accuracy,

Jake Elliott (81 OVR)

In fourth place, we have the Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott with an 82 OVR. Elliott has an impressive 96 kick power. However, his kicking accuracy is a little bit lower, with Elliott having an 87 kick accuracy.

Jason Myers (80 OVR)

Jason Myers is a very experienced kicker, having played eight seasons in the NFL. According to the Madden 24 ratings, Myers is a top-five kicker in the league. Something that seems fitting, after a great 2022 season.

Jason Myers
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Credit: Field Gulls

Myers has an 80 OVR, with 96 kick power and 87 kick accuracy.

Matt Gay (80 OVR)

In sixth place, we have Matt Gay with an 80 OVR. Gay plays for the Los Angeles Rams and is entering his fifth NFL season.

He has 96 kick power and 89 kick accuracy.

Younghoe Koo (80 OVR)

Younghoe Koo secured the seventh place on this list, with a 80 OVR. His coming from a good season, where we converted 32 of the 37 field goals he attempted.

Koo has 92 kick power and 86 kick accuracy.

Evan McPherson (79 OVR)

Evan McPherson had a great 2022 season, making 24 of the 29 field goals he attempted. In Madden 24, the Cincinnati Bengals kicker has an 80 OVR.

Evan McPherson
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Credit: Bengals Wire - USA Today

He has a powerful kick, with 95 kick power, and 88 kick accuracy.

Ka'imi Fairbairn (79 OVR)

In the ninth place, we have Harrison Butker from the Houston Texans, with a 79 OVR. Butker has 96 kick power and 87 kick accuracy.

Matt Prater (79 OVR)

Matt Prater is yet another very experienced player to make this top-ten list. The Arizona Cardinals kicker has an 79 OVR in Madden 24. This means he is the tenth-best kicker in the game.

Prater has a very powerful and quite accurate kick. In Madden 24, he has 98 kick power and 83 kick accuracy.

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