All Changes Coming to Arena in LoL Patch 14.10

Arena 14.10 changes

Arena 14.10 changes

The fan-favorite game mode, Arena, has just returned to LoL, and is already set for some massive changes in the upcoming Patch 14.10!

After being available for a full patch cycle, Riot has identified the major issues and is prepared to make necessary adjustments. Lead Gameplay Designer has shed light on the major challenges that Riot will address in LoL Patch 14.10 on Arena.

All Arena Changes in LoL Patch 14.10

RNG Experience Changes — Prismatic Anvils

The inclusion of Prismatic Anvils in this iteration of the Arena was intended to introduce an element of unpredictability into the game mode, guaranteeing a unique and fresh experience with every match. However, their introduction seems to have resulted in an excessive level of randomness.

Riot will be making adjustments to the Anvils in the next patch to make sure that players have a better chance of success. Phroxzon stated that the goal of the balance team is for the ideal prismatic to be challenging to achieve, without pushing players towards AP Darius if they fail.

Jhin Adjustments

Riot is planning to implement certain modifications to Jhin, who has garnered significant attention as one of the most discussed champions following the introduction of Arena in LoL Patch 14.9. The upcoming LoL Arena patch will see adjustments in terms of his missile speed and spawn location.

Jhin Splash Art in LoL
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Riot will be decreasing his missile speed by 25% and adjusting spawn location to ensure a more equitable playing field for the opposing teams.

Time Before Revive

The player revival time has been modified in the upcoming patch, extending from 11-8 seconds to 12-8 seconds. Current statistics indicate that reviving a teammate is too effortless, prompting Riot to implement these adjustments.

Arena God Games Required

Arena also offers a variety of distinctive Challenges that allow you to customize your League of Legends profile and banner with a title. However, it appears that the Arena God challenge was excessively difficult to achieve, prompting Riot to adjust the requirements to make it a more attainable goal.

Arena 14.10 changes
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Arena in League of Legends

Players who achieve 60 first-place finishes will have the opportunity to acquire the title and showcase it on their profile. Phroxzon disclosed that up to this point, only 160 players have managed to secure over 20 first-place finishes. In order to make the Challenge more attainable for players, they have decided to reduce the number of required first-place finishes from 168 to 60.

Ranked Reset For LoL Patch 14.10

The second ranked split for Season 14 is set to begin with the release of LoL Patch 14.10. Alongside this, the ranked Arena split will also begin. Higher Elo players can expect a soft reset from their previous rank in other Arena modes, aiming to improve matchmaking for newcomers.

In addition, various adjustments will be made to the balance of specific champions, augments, and items. Furthermore, Riot will provide teams with hats during the later stages of the game, as teams are allocating their resources towards juices and anvils rather than hats.

Riot will be closely monitoring the Koi Pond map and making slight adjustments by adding new blast cone placements. However, they have no plans to remove the map from the pool at the moment. The team still intends to gather data on it.

This LoL Midseason update is also set to bring sweeping changes to core gameplay systems. If you're interested in learning more, here's a comprehensive rundown of all the upcoming new, reworked, and removed items and runes!

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