Fortnite Season 3 Arena: Divisions Explained! - Starting off, Points, Champ Div, Leveling up and More!

Fortnite's competitive player base has grown exponentially since release.

With Epic pushing this side of the game with events like the Summer Skirmish and Fortnite World Cup, we can only expect bigger and better things to come.

For those looking to get in on some competitive action, we have Arena mode!

Here, we cover the "Divisions" in Arena Mode, and how they'll impact your game and experience.

Why Play Arena?

The Arena mode in Fortnite gives players a competitive game mode to sink their teeth into.

Fortnite Leaked Renegade Raider Skin
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RENEGADE RAIDER - We hope to see the return of the original Renegade Raider skin in Fortnite season 3!

This game mode gives players more accurate Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM). Meaning you'll only play against others of similar skill to you.

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The ranking system also gives players something to constantly be working towards, giving the game a bit more depth and progression.

You can play on your own, or as a team with friends! Unfortunately, this does depend on the rotation of game modes that season.

Starting off (0 Points)

When you first jump into Arena you'll start in "Open Division I".

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Everyone in this bracket is just starting to play Arena, and are probably a few games in.

At the start of the season, a lot of competitive players are still down at the lower ranks (Open/Contender Division).

If you're not the most competitive player, try and wait a few weeks before jumping into Arena to get the best experience

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However, if you really enjoy the "Siphon" mechanic in Fortnite, Arena is the place to be!

Ranking Up

As you rank up, you'll face more and more challenging opponents.

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FORTILLA - Have you visited the new POI this season?

The "Bus Fare" at the start of each match will increase as you progress through each Division.

This means you'll need to get better placement/kills each game to continue ranking up.

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After Open Division you have "Contender". Again, with it's own sub-divisions.

This is where the majority of players will be by the end of the season, with only the best reaching the final bracket.

Champion Division

Here, you'll find the best of the best.

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In this division, players will box up in a 1 by 1 and wait for zones to push them closer together

Although this isn't the most fun way to play, you'll end up getting a lot of points from this playstyle

To reach the final rank (Champion III) you'll need upwards of 14,000 Hype Points!

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If you're struggling to reach this rank, check out our Arena Guide here!

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