Fortnite PS5: 7 Things We Want to See! - 4k Textures, FPS Increase, Cosmetics and More!

The PS5 and next-gen consoles are set to release later this year.

We hope games like Fortnite will get a massive overhaul on these new consoles.

Here, we list the changes and features we'd like to see implemented into the PS5 version of Fortnite!

4k Textures

The new console will improve upon the hardware and software of the previous one.

This means we'll probably be getting 4k textures at release.

This increase in resolution will allow the player to see more detail for both close and distant objects.

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You will need a 4k monitor to receive the benefits of this feature, but it'll improve the quality of your game exponentially.

FPS Increase

The PS5 will also bring an FPS boost to Fortnite.

fortnite location
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HITCH A RIDE - Grab a fishing rod to catch a shark, and take you around the map with speed.

This could be upwards of 120 FPS, but you'll need a 120hz (refresh rate) monitor to notice the difference.

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This FPS may be capped if the console can't consistently hit 120 frames. For the price we're likely paying, we hope this isn't the case but it's always a possibility.

Exclusive Cosmetics

In the past, Epic Games have created some awesome exclusive cosmetics for the PS4 and Xbox One.

We hope they'll do the same for the next-gen consoles.

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Cosmetics are a large part of Fortnite's in-game progression, so to be rewarded with an exclusive cosmetic would be a nice feature.

View Distance

Although view distance isn't the most notable feature, it would be a nice quality of life addition for those on next-gen.

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AGENT JONESY - How will this new character play a part in the new Chapter of Fortnite?

This would allow players to snipe others at a further distance, making for some awesome long-shots.

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An increased view distance would increase the texture detail at a further distance. Again this would be another nice change, but not a necessity.

Graphics Settings

Something PC players have had since release is the ability to change the graphic settings.

This includes view distance, shadows, textures and more.

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If we were able to do this on PS5, it would allow players to choose whether they wanted to focus on better graphics or better FPS.


Sony has already announced they'll be adding cross-gen and cross-platform at the release of the PS5.

Fortnite Leaked Renegade Raider Skin
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RENEGADE RAIDER - Will the original version of this skin return to the Fortnite Store?

As well as this, Epic Games have implemented a fairly fluid cross-platform feature into Fortnite.

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We hope these features work seamlessly at the launch of the PS5, so we can jump right back into playing with others on Xbox, Switch and PC.

Programmable Buttons

On console, you're able to choose between preset controller settings.

We hope you'll be able to choose an programme each button, similar how it's done on PC.

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This would give players a competitive advantage and make playing on a controller much more viable.

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