Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 How to Level up Fast! - Challenges, Placement, Eliminations and More!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has brought a host of changes and content to the game.

This includes a brand-new Battle Pass and level reset. This means new cosmetics for everyone to work towards.

There are a few ways to level up very fast, taking advantage of Fortnite's core mechanics.

Here, we list the best ways to level up, as well as which way is best for your play-style.


Placement almost goes hand in hand with survival time.

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VEHICLES - Jump in the Boats and Cars to traverse the Fortnite map with ease.

For top 20, you'll get 25 XP. For top 10 you'll get 100 XP. Then for 2nd, you'll get 200 XP and for 1st you'll receive 300 XP.

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As you can see, each placement gives you more and more XP, so going for the Victory Royale is definitely worth the XP.


You'll also get XP for kills in Fortnite.

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RENEGADE RAIDER - Will the original Renegade Raider return to Fortnite in Season 3?

If you're an aggressive and high-skill player, this is probably the best way you'll get XP.

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Unfortunately, you'll only get XP for the first seven kills each game so getting more than this won't add to your overall level.

Survival Time

This is by far the easiest way to grind XP for passive players, so if you're not someone looking for kills, try and stick to this method.

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POKER FACE - Will Midas return this Season?

You'll get XP for each minute you survive in-game. This lasts up until the 15-minute mark.

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If you're an aggressive player, you can take advantage of this information by ending games as fast as possible.

Weekly Challenges

Challenges are huge this season, as the amount of XP you get from each one has been increased massively.

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FORTILLA - Have you visited the Fortilla in Season 3?

You can get upwards of 50,000 XP each week just from completing a few of these challenges!

We also have "Punch Cards" this season, which are effectively just smaller challenges. These also give you a good amount of XP.

Our amazing Punch Cards Guide will help you out with these!

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Check out our challenges guide here, for the best and easiest way to complete these challenges and level up fast.

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