Fortnite World Cup 2020: Start Date, Venue, Qualification, and Everything You Need to Know!

Can Epic Games re-create the magic from last year's event and how much money will be the prize?

It has been nearly six months since we witness the first-ever Fortnite World Cup, the event was one of the biggest esports events of 2019 with over 2.3 MILLION people watching live.

Since Epic Games and the competitive side of Fortnite have been experiencing some rocky waters as of late, with the on-going FCS events every week there has not been much else to talk about.

It seems this has become a trend that Epic Games has adopted for Fortnite, only a few LAN’s throughout the year and the rest being online tournaments.

With this in mind, this could be a hint that they are preparing to announce the next Fortnite World Cup upon the conclusion of this FCS. So what do we know so far?

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Start Date

BUGHA – Last year’s winner will be looking to maintain his reign!

There is no word on an official start date for the Fortnite World Cup 2020, but going off of this past World Cup we can assume it will take place sometime during the summer months.

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CHAPTER 2 – How will the new iteration of Fortnite effect the world cup?

Epic Games sold out the Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing, New York for the past Fortnite World Cup.

The same arena that hosts the US Open for tennis and seats over 20,000.

It would come as no surprise if they go all out again this time around for the venue but we will have to wait and see!

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Epic Games has shifted the way they do qualifications for this season of FCS – where before they used to have one open round then have a round for the players placing in the top 3000 or so…

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They have shifted their focus onto custom matches for the top qualifying players in two open rounds.

This is seen as the far superior method as there is less room for error and you are sure to get the best players out of every region.

So there is hope that they will do this method of qualification instead of the previous methods!

New modes leaked

GAME ON – We could see the addition of new modes this year!

Trios, Squads, Solos or Duos?

For those who do not remember, the first-ever Fortnite World Cup was comprised of two game modes, solos, and duos.

These two modes have been the foundation of competitive Fortnite, as they were really the only two game modes Epic Games has experimented with since the game’s release.

Of course, these game modes are either universally loved or hated depending on who you ask, but it was smart by Epic Games to concentrate on two specific game modes in the lead up to the Fortnite World Cup.

Since we have experienced two seasons since the Fortnite World Cup and two brand new game modes for competitive.

First, during Season X there was the introduction of the Fortnite Champion Series or FNCS.

During this season, we have showcased trios, this was the first time we witnessed teams of three in a competitive Fortnite setting and it was some of the best action we have watched amid the abysmal season.

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After Season X, we had some downtime in between trios and what was later to be revealed as squads for Chapter 2 Season 1’s FNCS. With it only just concluding two weeks ago, we got four weeks of non-stop team action across all regions.

This was similar to watching other Battle Royal esports such as Pubg and was the first time since the game’s release, that Epic Games used squads as a competitive format.

Now, famous Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has revealed some underlying message hidden in the Epic Games website that may or may not be the next game mode for the Fortnite World Cup 2020.


Whether or not this message in the Epic Games website is true is still up for debate. However, this the closest thing to an official announcement that we have for now.

We will have to wait and see if the Fortnite World Cup 2020 game mode is actually squads, be sure to bookmark this tab as we will update it when we get official confirmation!

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