Everything You Need to Know About Football Manager 21

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Football Manager is a must-have for any big football fan.

FM21 is the biggest and best the series has ever been, which means there's plenty you need to know.

Latest News - Winter Update is Here!

It's the biggest update of the FM year, and it's finally arrived!

The FM21 Winter Update has gone live on 22 February, and brings all the key transfers, rating updates and position changes fans have been waiting for.

FM21 Editor

The Football Manager Editor is a tool that lets you play around with the database before you start a save.

You can do anything from moving Lionel Messi to Oxford United or creating yourself in the game as a player for your favourite club!

It's a free tool if you buy FM21, check out our guide on how to find and install it.

FM21 Mobile out now

If you like to play FM on the go then you can now get the Mobile version of the game.

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Available on iOS and Android, FM21 Mobile costs £8.99.

FM21 on Xbox

Sports Interactive has officially announced that Football Manager will be returning to Xbox for the first time since 2007.

That also means you'll be able to play it on Xbox Series S / X!

FM21 comes to the Microsoft console on 1 December.

FM21 Touch on Nintendo Switch will be released in December too.


There were official Arsenal and Valencia versions of FM20 that fans could buy, but as ever licences were an issue for a lot of leagues.

There is no getting around Juventus' three-year deal with PES, so be ready for Zebre to make a return to Serie A in FM21.

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Leicester City are officially licenced in FM21, along with a full set of faces for the players and the real badge for the club.

It would be nice for Sports Interactive to continue building up their official team versions. Or just go all-out and get proper licences for the Premier League and other leagues. Some players currently download face and logo packs to avoid playing with odd badges and silhouette players.


Looking for those elite teenagers that can be a difference-maker for your team? We'll be putting out FM21 Wonderkids guides regularly, so make sure to check back.

For now, you can see our list of the absolute best wonderkids in FM21.

New features

FM20 saw the introduction of the Club Vision, Code Of Conduct, and Tactical Insights.

A lot of these were small tweaks to help accessibility for new players or streamline some processes that had been frustrating the experienced managers.

Code of Conduct in FM20
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WARN THEM: The clear new system avoided angering players

FM20 was a well-polished game, and received strong reviews.

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There doesn't feel like there is much that needs to be added to make your managerial life more realistic.


Player interactions have been changed. You can now use gestures (including the throwing of bottles or putting an arm around players) to get your point across both in one-on-one meetings and team talks.

xG & Match engine improvements

SI has made an effort to improve finishing this year.

The matchday experience has also been overhauled, and an entirely new formula for xG has been added to the game.

Top pick for FM 21 gear

One piece of kit you may want to invest in for the game is a decent gaming monitor, and the good news is that you can get one for cheap, without losing the quality that's needed to make the game look great.

Check out this gaming monitor, which is under £190 on Amazon. It's got some amazing reviews, and makes gameplay look super smooth!

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AMAZING REVIEWS: Ultra smooth gameplay and affordable!

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