Football Manager 2020: Zebre (Juventus) Team Guide - Tactics, formations, transfer targets & more

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Serie A has been dominated by Juventus for the last decade.

The Old Lady of Turin has claimed the last eight titles, often at a canter, and is home to some of the most talented players in world football.

If they are so dominate and talented then why take the reins in Football Managers 2020?


Well, not only do they have some superb history that you can add to, they also have a goal: European triumph.

For years now, winning the Champions League has been their sole aim, and they have fallen short.

Remember, thanks to their exclusive deal with PES, Juventus is named "Zebre" in Football Manager 2020.

Table of Contents

So can you walk into Turin and deliver them the one trophy they are missing?

Club vision

Juventus' Club Vision in Football Manager 2020
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LOFTY EXPECTATIONS: Bring home the trophies, or else!


This new feature has been a big success in FM20. It is both a short-term and long-term set of goals for the club under your direction, as laid out by the board.

It includes play style aims, financial targets, and competition results, with increasing expectations over each year of your tenure.

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Juventus' aims are quite clear. On the field you have to win Serie A and at least make the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

More importantly though, you have to maintain their standard as one of the biggest clubs in the world and sign high-profile players.

Tactical style & formations

Juventus have an incredibly strong squad across the board so you will want to use a very forward-thinking tactical style. The ideal one for their quality out wide and in the midfield is vertical tiki-taka.

This possession-focused tactic focuses on quick, progressive passing with a high-press mentality when the ball is lost.

Ideal tactics to use for Juventus in Football Manager 2020
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TALENTED TEAM: You can use a number of formations with Juve

The ideal formation for this is a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. It gives a solid defensive structure with a back four and defensive midfielder to shield them, but encourages creative wide play, overlaps from the full-backs, and is predicated on a midfield that can move the ball well.


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Your starting XI in this formation should be Wojciech Szczesny in goal, with a back four of Danilo, Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci, and Alex Sandro.

You are spoiled for choice in midfield, but using Blaise Matuidi at DM and Rodrigo Bentacur and Miralem Pjanic as your midfield duo is best. Your front three can be Paulo Dybala on the right, Cristiano Ronaldo on the left, and Gonzalo Higuain up front.

A secondary formation of 4-2-3-1- Wide would also be useful to train your team into, as it would allow Dybala to play more centrally.

On the bench you should have Gianluigi Buffon, Matthijs de Ligt, Mattia De Sciglio, Adrien Rabiot, Aaron Ramsey, Federico Bernardeschi, and Mario Mandzukic.

There is so much talent on this team that you should be rotating regularly without risking much.

Best players

This Juventus squad is bursting with talent at nearly every position. Some of it is on the wrong side of 30 though, so be sure to promote the younger players through too.

Player Pos Age CA/PA Best Stats
Cristiano RonaldoAM (L) ST34195/19620 natural fitness, 20 determination, 20 penalty taking
Giorgio ChielliniD (C)34170/17420 bravery, 19 tackling, 18 positioning
Paulo DybalaAM (RC) ST25168/18219 Technique, 17 flair, 17 first touch
Leonardo BonucciD (C)32167/17319 anticipation, 19 positioning, 18 leadership
Douglas CostaM (RL) AM (RL)28165/17218 acceleration, 18 dribbling, 18 technique

That is a lot of talent. Not much needs to be said about Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is safe to say he is still a world-class force.

The centre back pairing of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are elite despite their age, while Douglas Costa and Paulo Dybala are quality attacking options too.

Of course, three of these players are 32 or older, so they don't have long left at the top level...


Young talent

Fortunately, Juventus aren't short of talented players that do have a long career ahead of them. These are their best players aged 20 or younger when you take over.

Matthijs de Ligt - CA 3 star (154), PA 5 star (160-190)

Matthijs de Ligt's stats page in Football Manager 2020
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Still just 19, the young Dutch defender hit the headlines last season as the captain of Ajax during their magical run to the Champions League semi-final. That led to a move to Juventus, where he is already displacing established world-class defenders.


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Matthijs de Ligt is arguably the best wonderkid in Football Manager 2020. With 17 heading, 16 work rate, and 16 determination already and that massive PA range of 160-190 the sky is the limit for him.

Luca Pellegrini - CA 2 star (130), PA 3.5 star (140-170)

Luca Pellegrini's stats page in Football Manager 2020
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Currently on loan at Cagliari, Luca Pellegrini is the future left-back for Juventus when Alex Sandro moves on.

The 20-year-old already has 17 determination and 14 pace, along with 14 crossing and 13 tackling. His strong PA range and the experience he gets on loan means he can be a leading player for you in the future.


Manolo Portanova - CA 1.5 star (104), PA 3.5 star (130-160)

Manolo Portanova's stats page in Football Manager 2020
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Manolo Portanova is a young central midfielder with the world at his feet. You'll find him in the U23 side, where he will be tearing it up until you send him on loan.


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The central midfielder already has a solid 15 pace, 15 first touch, and 15 technique. His 104 CA means he is hardly ready for the first-team, but with a PA range that gets up to 160 he could be a quality player eventually.

Transfer targets

Starting transfer budget: £30.14 million

Remaining transfer budget: £11,220 a week

Juventus don't have many holes and the main one they will develop, centre back, is covered by Matthijs de Ligt. You also have very little wage budget to work with when you first take over, which means your first summer in charge could be a quiet one.

There isn't necessarily dead-weight in this squad, but there are a lot of options that you don't always need. Mario Mandzukic and Marko Pjaca would clear £246,000 a week of wage budget space and bring in around £20 million in transfer fees if you were move on from them. That would free up some space for a young striker to lead the line.

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With Ronaldo at 34, Mandzukic 33, and Higuain 31 finding a striker that has some time ahead of him will be key. Enter Erling Haaland.

Erling Haaland's stats page in Football Manager 2020
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The quintessential Football Manager wonderkid, Haaland has been a must-buy all year. With 16 finishing and 18 off the ball, the 18-year-old already has strong-enough stats to start for Juve.

Agreeing on a future deal for him to arrive after your first season is a nice way of delaying the cost, not angering Higuain, and grabbing him before anyone else can.


Alternative options

Player Age Club Country PA/CA Value Wage
Arkadiusz Milik25NapoliPoland£35.5m£77k
Diogo Jota22WolvesPortugal£33.5m£55k
Moussa Dembele22OLFrance£19.25m£58k

Future transfers

Juventus' financial strength in Football Manager 2020
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SOLID BASE: Juve are secure, but far from cash-rich


There is no doubt that Juventus are about to enter a transition phase. They have nine first-team players aged 30 or more, with two stars, Chiellini and Ronaldo, on the verge of retirement.

Their summer signings of Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey give the midfield nice depth so you don't need to worry there. You also have some quality young defenders to lean on so using your limited financial power on attackers would be wise.


Juventus have four first-team players on the final year of their contract when you take over.

Club icon Gianluigi Buffon is 41 and can be allowed to leave, as can winger Juan Cuadrado and stalwart Giorgio Chiellini.

The one player you will want to retain on a short-term basis is Blaise Matuidi. Defensive midfielders like him can be hard to find and he still has a lot of quality.

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There is more trouble coming at the end of the 20-21 season, with Wojciech Szczesny and Daniele Rugani the vital players to retain.

Both Gonzalo Higuain and Mario Mandzukic are also expiring in June 2021, adding emphasis to the need to cash-in on Mandzukic and sign a younger striker.

European glory

Juventus' last Champions League success came in 1996 in a star-studded final against Ajax. That is too long ago for a massive club like Juve.

Securing Serie A every year is your ticket to staying employed, but winning the Champions League must be your goal.

It won't be easy given the quality of the English and Spanish giants, but you have the benefit of Cristiano Ronaldo and some world-class players too.

Full Zebre (Juventus) Player Ratings

Player Age Pos Role Duty Role Ability CA/PA
Starting Lineup
Wojciech Szczesny29GKSKAttack3 star165/169
Danilo27D (RL) WB (RL)WBAttack3 Star152/155
Giorgio Chiellini34D (C)CDDefend3.5 Star170/174
Leonardo Bonucci32D (C)BPDCover4 Star167/173
Alex Sandro28D (L) WB (L) M (L)CWBSupport3.5 Star162/168
Blaise Matuidi32DM M (LC)BWMDefend3 Star154/163
Rodrigo Bentacur22DM M (C)DLPDefend3 Star154/169
Miralem Pjanic29DM M (C) AM (C)DLPSupport4 Star165/171
Paulo Dybala25AM (RC) STAPSupport4 Star168/182
Cristiano Ronaldo34AM (RL) STCFAttack5 Star195/196
Gonzalo Higuain31STDLFSUpport4 Star165/180
Substitutes & reserves
Gianluigi Buffon41GKSKAttack3 Star157/187
Matthijs de Ligt19D (C)BPDDefend3 Star154/160-190
Mattia De Sciglio26D (RL) WB (RL)WBDefend2.5 Star143/147
Adrien Rabiot24M (C)DLPSupport3 Star152/164
Aaron Ramsey28M (C) AM (RC)APSupport3 Star152/161
Federico Bernardeschi25M (R) AM (RLC)IWSupport3.5 Star158/167
Mario Mandzukic33AM (L) STPFAttack3 Star156/166
Daniele Rugani24D (C)BPDDefend2.5 Star147/159
Merih Demiral21D (C)CDDefend2.5 Star143/159
Juan Cuadrado31D (R) WB (R) M (R) AM (R)WSupport3 Star156/166
Emre Can25D (C) DM M (C)SVSupport3 Star158/167
Sami Khedira32DM M (C)CMDefend3 Star153/167
Marko Pjaca24M (L) AM (RLC)IFSupport2 Star130/150
Douglas Costa28M (RL) AM (RL)WAttack4 Star165/172