FM21 Wonderkids: The Best Teenage Stars to Buy!

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Football Manager 2021 has received it's biggest update of the year.

The Winter Update has arrived, and as a result, so have some new wonderkids.

Best Wonderkids in FM21


What defines a wonderkid in Football Manager 2021? To us, it's someone that starts the game aged 19 or under.

These players should have a good current ability (CA), but the key is a very high potential ability (PA). You can view CA & PA in the FM21 Editor.

Teenagers will usually have a PA range, which means how you develop within your team will influence how good they become. However, there will be scenarios & saves where they don't reach their maximum potential.

Latest News - Winter Update shakes up ratings

The FM21 Winter Update has arrived, which means there are some big changes as far as ratings are concerned.

The CA's and PA Ranges for a number of young talents have been amended, whilst there is also a brand new face who has surged to the top of the wonderkid rankings.

We've highlighted all the changes below, here's what you need to know.


Eduardo Camavinga (CA 136 - PA Range 170-200)

Age: 17

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Rennes

Value: £6.5m

The Rennes central midfielder is a superstar in the making. He was elite in FM20, and he will be an amazing signing once again this year.

FM21 Camavinga 1
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+ 8
ENGINE ROOM: Camavinga will make your team tick

With only two years left on his Rennes contract, he should be easy enough to pry away, but you'll have plenty of competition for his signature from Europe's elite clubs.

Be ready to get your chequebook out for him, but he is well worth it.


Yousouffa Moukoko (CA 115 - PA Range 170-200)

Age: 16

Position: ST (C)

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Value: £1.1M

The biggest news to come out of the FM Winter Update is the arrival of Borussia wonderkid, Yousouffa Moukoko.

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+ 8
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER - The German will take your save up a notch

The German forward has the potential to rise to the very top, so much so that he's been branded "the best FM Wonderkid in history."

Big talk, but Moukoko has the ability to prove the punters right.


Ansu Fati (CA 148 - PA Range 160-190)

Age: 17

Position: AM (RL), ST

Club: Barcelona

Value: £54m

Ansu Fati is far from a hidden gem, the teenager is already a regular for Barcelona and is banging in La Liga goals.

FM21 Fati
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STAR MAN: Fati is in line to be the Barca hero once Messi leaves

A natural on both wings or up front, Fati is a goal machine in the making, with 19 flair, 17 agility, and 16 technique already.

He's also got a bunch of useful traits like places shots and cuts in from the left. He's a can't miss player, if you can get him away from Barca.


Mason Greenwood (CA 140 - PA 172)

Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: Man Utd

Value: £30m

Man United's young gun Mason Greenwood is next up with his fixed PA of 175.

FM21 Greenwood 1
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+ 8
BACK IN ACTION: Greenwood can take Utd back to the top

The striker may only be 18 but he already has 16 finishing to go along with 17 determination and 17 pace. That's a deadly combination. High determination is a great indicator of continued growth for a young player, and he is two-footed as well.


Pedri (CA 138 - PA Range 160-190)

Age: 17

Position: M (C), AM (RLC)

Club: Barcelona

Value: £16.25m

Who even needs Messi these days?

The second Barcelona wonderkid on our list, Pedri can play pretty much anywhere up the field and make a difference right away.

FM21 Pedri 1
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WHERE IS HE?: Pedri can play anywhere in your attack

Valued at £16.25M, Pedri provides a cheaper alternative to Ansu Fati.


Rodrygo (CA 136 - PA Range 160-190)

Age: 19

Position:AM (RL)

Club: Real Madrid

Value: £8.75m

Madrid's other Brazilian winger Vinicius Junior is now too old to make this list, but Rodrygo maintains his spot.

FM21 Rodrygo 1
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NEARLY DONE: Madrid fans have been waiting for Rodrygo

Now 19, he starts FM21 in the Real Madrid B team but he won't be there for long. A natural on either wing and already with 15 dribbling, 15 finishing, and 15 technique he will soon be a world-beater.

You might be able to grab him on loan in the first season, but with a contract that runs until 2025 he'll be a massively expensive signing.


Ilaix Moriba (CA 120 - PA Range 160-190)

Age: 17

Position: M (C)

Club: Barcelona

Value: £3.2m

A third Barca player!

Ilaix Moriba is another well-known player to Football Manager veterans. He starts on the Barcelona U19 side, but don't let that low value fool you, he won't be cheap to sign.

FM21 Moriba 1
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ANOTHER ONE: It's almost like Barca have a legendary academy!

The teenage midfield playmaker starts FM21 with 17 flair, 16 technique, and 15 first touch. He can pull the strings in your midfield almost immediately, just don't ask him to do much defending (9 tackling, 8 marking).


Yusuf Demir (CA 115 - PA Range (160-190)

Age: 17

Position: AM (RC)

Club: Rapid Vienna

Value: £625k

You might have to expand your database to get Yusuf Demir, but he's just one example of why the Austrian league is good to have on your save.

FM21 Demir 1
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HIDDEN GEM: Demir won't be on many radars just yet

A natural shadow striker or inverted winger, Demir is full of potential. His 17 determination will see him good, though there are risks with such a big CA-PA gap. He already has 15 dribbling, 15 pace, and 13 technique too.

Coming from Rapid Vienna he should be a more accessible wonderkid if you are doing a save outside of Europe's elite clubs.


All the best FM21 Wonderkids

Player Position Club Value Age CA PA/PA Range
Eduardo CamavingaDM, M (C)Rennes£6.5m17136170-200
Ansu FatiAM (RL), STBarcelona£21.5m17148160-190
Mason GreenwoodSTMan Utd£30m18140175
PedriM (C), AM (RLC)Barcelona£7.75m17138160-190
RodrygoAM (RL)Real Madrid£6m19136160-190
Ilaix MoribaM (C)Barcelona£190k17120160-190
Yusuf DemirAM (RC)Rapid Vienna£205k17115160-190
Alphonso DaviesD (L), WB (L)Bayern Munich£6m19152150-180
Dominik SzoboszlaiM (C)RB Salzburg£5.75m19140150-180
Callum Hudson-OdoiAM (RLC)Chelsea£26m19140150-180
Wesley FofanaD (C)Leicester City£11.75m19138165
Myron BoaduSTAZ Alkmaar£7.75m19137150-180
Tariq LampteyD (R), WB (R)Brighton£16m19135165
Eric GarciaD (C)Man City£19.75m19135165
Nuno MendesD (L), WB (L)Sporting£4.5m18133150-180