FIFA 23 Next Promo: Time for another extended event

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EA is consistently releasing an array of promos for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, catering to fans of various leagues, nations, and game modes. As we enter the season's final months, the promos will only get bigger!

We are now in a post-Team of the Season era of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with another mammoth promo dominating Season 7.

We expect to see some of the summer classics returning, so take a look at what to expect from the FUT 23 schedule below.

Latest - Shapeshifters Season

Shapeshifters continue in Season 7 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with many saying it is the best promo of the campaign so far.

It would be hard to argue with that, as Shapeshifters Team 2 delivered some fan service by including goalkeepers in the event for the first time, with several players moving out from between the sticks to get involved further up the pitch!

We've also seen a CB converted to a GK, which paves the way for a card the community has been crying out for, a Kyle Walker GK item!

neuer fifa 23
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RUSH KEEPER - Neuer is ready to go up top and score some goals

As well as the goalkeepers getting in on the action, more Shapeshifters Icons were released, with more potentially on the way with Team 3.

Team 2 was the second of six potential releases of the Shapeshifters promo, which will run throughout Season 7.

Get ready to see more Shapeshifters Icons, Premium Shapeshifters, and possibly Shapeshifters FUT Heroes join the party in that time!

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FUT Next Promo Release Date

Shapeshifters Team 2 is set to rotate out of packs on Friday, 23 June at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Then it will be time for the FUT next promo side of Shapeshifters Team 3 to enter packs, staying available for one week only.

More Upcoming Promos

Fresh promo content arrives almost every single week in FIFA 23.

Here are some of the promotional campaigns that could arrive next:


FUTTIES is the last big hurrah of the Ultimate Team season, with 'Best Of' sides and favourite players re-released into packs.

There will also be fan votes for certain players to gain upgraded cards via SBCs.

All FUT 23 Promos

Over the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team campaign, the following promos have been released:

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