FIFA 23 Shapeshifters: Fan service dished out in Team 3!

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fifa 23 shapeshifters kroos

Team of the Season is over in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with that mammoth promo being replaced by another with the Shapeshifters event taking over!

First appearing in FUT 20 and returning in FUT 22, it sees top players getting the usual stats boosts, as well as having their base positions changed, transforming them into new threats.

Find out all you need to know about the Shapeshifters promo below, including the latest news and rumours for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team release.

Shapeshifters Team 1

Shapeshifters Team 1 has landed in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing some truly astonishing cards with it!

Seven Shapeshifters Icons have made the first side, with Robin van Persie and Fernando Hierro both gaining two cards, with different positions.

fifa 23 shapeshifters team 1
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The full Shapeshifters Team 1 side is as follows:

Shapeshifters Icons

  • Pele (OVR 99) - LW
  • Robin van Persie (OVR 96) - CAM & RW
  • Socrates (OVR 95) - CM
  • Frank Rijkaard (OVR 95) - ST
  • Fernando Hierro (OVR 92) - LB & RB


  • Virgil van Dijk (OVR 98) - CDM
  • Bruno Fernandes (OVR 97) - LW
  • Memphis Depay (OVR 96) - CM
  • Antonio Rudiger (OVR 96) - ST
  • Riyad Mahrez (OVR 95) - ST
  • Eric Bailly (OVR 94) - CDM
  • Riccardo Orsolini (OVR 92) - RB
  • Edson Alvarez (OVR 91) - CAM

Premium Shapeshifters

  • Sherlado Becker (OVR 94) - CB
  • Przemyslaw Frankowski (OVR 94) - RM
  • Karl Toko Ekambi (OVR 92) - LB

Objectives & SBCs

Then, accompanying the Shapeshifters Team 1 release, the following players have gained cards via Objectives or SBCs:

Shapeshifters Team 2

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team finally brings us the Shapeshifters cards the community has been crying out for, with goalkeepers getting in on the action in Team 2.

Manuel Neuer has darted out from between the sticks, now taking up a striker position, with CB Leandro Cabrera putting on the gloves!

fifa 23 shapeshifters team 2
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The full Shapeshifters Team 2 side is as follows:

Shapeshifters Icons

  • Garrincha (OVR 98) - ST
  • Samuel Eto'o (OVR 96) - LW & RW
  • Emmanuel Petit (OVR 95) - CAM & CB
  • Clarence Seedorf (OVR 95) - CDM
  • Riquelme (OVR 92) - LB


  • Ousmane Dembele (OVR 97) - CAM
  • Richarlison (OVR 97) - RW
  • Frenkie de Jong (OVR 96) - CDM
  • Olivier Giroud (OVR 93) - CB
  • Anthony Martial (OVR 97) - CM
  • Manuel Neuer (OVR 94) - GK
  • Karim Adeyemi (OVR 92) - CM
  • Corentin Tolisso (OVR 92) - LM

Premium Shapeshifters

  • Guillermo Ochoa (OVR 93) - CB
  • Wilfried Zaha (OVR 93) - RB
  • Leandro Cabrera (OVR 91) - GK

Objectives & SBCs

Then, accompanying the Shapeshifters Team 2 release, the following players have gained cards via Objectives or SBCs:

Shapeshifters Team 3

Once again, EA has given us some of the best cards of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team season in the Shapeshifters Team 3 squad!

Some more quality Icons have come our way, but there is only one man the FUT community will be clamouring for...

Harry Maguire has been included as a striker, with some pretty brilliant stats! Now that is fan service!

fifa 23 shapeshifters team 3
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The full Shapeshifters Team 3 side is as follows:

Shapeshifters Icons

  • Thierry Henry (OVR 98) - RW
  • Bastien Schhweinsteiger (OVR 97) - CB
  • Luis Figo (OVR 95) - ST & CM
  • Sol Campbell (OVR 92) - LW


  • Paul Pogba (OVR 97) - ST
  • Joao Felix (OVR 96) - CAM
  • Hugo Lloris (OVR 96) - CM
  • Lukas Klostermann (OVR 95) - LB
  • Harry Maguire (OVR 95) - ST
  • Jerome Roussillon (OVR 94) - RB

Premium Shapeshifters

  • Nicolas Pepe (OVR 93) - CF
  • Youssef En-Nesyri (OVR 91) - LW

Objectives & SBCs

Then, accompanying the Shapeshifters Team 3 release, the following players have gained cards via Objectives or SBCs:

Shapeshifters Release Date

The Shapeshifters promo took over from the Team of the Season event on Friday, 16 June at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Last year we saw four squads released during the event, meaning the campaign could run until Friday, 14 July!


We first saw the Shapeshifters promo in FIFA 20, with it reappearing in FIFA 22, so we knew what mechanics to expect from the event when it returned to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The selected promo players will receive the usual massive boosts, but they will also have their cards transformed, with changes coming to player positions, work rates, weak foot ability, and updated attributes to better suit their new position.

Two Shapeshifters squads were released in FUT 20, which then doubled to four in FUT 22, so we expect to see another extended campaign this time.

fifa 22 shapeshifters team 4
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SHAKE IT UP - Players will be transformed with alternate positions during Shapeshifters

A couple of Objective players were made available with each team, as well as SBCs coming throughout the campaign, some containing Dual Pick player rewards.

FUT Heroes also received upgrades and even league changes last year, so look out for that to happen again, with the Alternate Reality Icons finally making an appearance in the game, with their name changed to Shapeshifters Icons!

Season 7 Player Rewards

The first two Shapeshifters cards were released before the promo had actually begun, coming via the Season 7 Rewards! They were:

  • Toni Kroos (OVR 97) - CDM
  • Thiago Silva (OVR 92) - ST

Premium Shapeshifters Chemistry

A Premium Shapeshifters version has also been added to the game, which will work in a similar way to the FUTTIES Premium items we saw last year.

Players who gained a FUTTIES Premium card in FUT 22 had the same chemistry links as FUT Heroes, so provided strong links to those in the same league.

This is what is shown off on the latest loading screen, revealing that Premium Shapeshifters items will have the same chemistry as FUT Heroes.

This means that, if played in their specified position, the card will always be on full chemistry, while also providing an extra league chemistry point!


Shapeshifters Leaks

All of the leaked players for Team 1 and Team 2 have now arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

The following players are set for a card upgrade during the Shapeshifters Team 3 week:

  • Shapeshifters Icon Gerd Muller
  • Kyle Walker

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