FIFA 23: Everything you need to know about next season’s game

Death, taxes, and a new FIFA game are three certainties in life… or at least so we thought.

With EA and FIFA set to part ways after this season, a change in name for EA’s flagship sports title looks almost certain.

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There will still be a new game next season, and with more competition set to arrive, it will be a huge year for EA and the franchise.


Release Date

With the next game such a long way off we won’t see an official release date for many months, but we always have a rough idea of when the game will arrive.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our release date next year.

Game Modes

VOLTA Football is still the new toy in the box, so we don’t expect any new game modes to arrive any time soon.

Ultimate Team will remain the main attraction as that is EA’s big money-spinner, so expect plenty of work to go into the most popular and lucrative game mode.

Career Mode received a huge overhaul in FIFA 22, so don’t expect massive changes in the next game as EA will look to clean up any loose ends rather than adding lots of new features.

As ever, Pro Clubs will remain a sociable and fun game mode, so we could see something new and exciting there.



Konami usually proves to be the thorn in EA’s side when it comes to licenses, but now FIFA has entered the arena!

Atalanta, Juventus, Lazio, Roma, and Napoli (as of next season) are all exclusive to Konami and eFootball, so they have all got fake names in FIFA 22.

inter milan fifa 21 graphics
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FRESH LOOK - Inter have a brand new kit out now on FIFA 21

However, the name of the game is in jeopardy as FIFA and EA look set to part ways, with FIFA supposedly demanding more money than EA is willing to pay.

Other than changing the name of the game, this should not impact any in-game licenses other than potentially a fully licensed World Cup mode or DLC.


EA Sports FC

With a new name likely needed for next season’s title, EA has patented ‘EA Sports FC’, suggesting that will replace the current FIFA franchise title.

If you weren't already aware of the rumours of EA changing the name of FIFA then let us show you part of the official statement from EA Sports Group General Manager, Cam Weber, that sent the community into a frenzy.

"As we look ahead, we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games.
"This means we’re reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all our other official partnerships and licenses across the football world."

Pretty conclusive evidence that EA is seriously considering re-naming their third-oldest franchise, and now we have a good idea of what the new name could be.

EA Sports FC 23 doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but we can’t see it mattering too much.