FIFA 23: Everything you need to know with 'EA Sports FC' now confirmed

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FIFA 22 has been an improvement in both gameplay and content (for the most part), so EA has a lot to live up to ahead of the upcoming new game.

EA has finally shed some light on the potential name change for the new game, having confirmed 'EA Sports FC' for the future.

Small additions and adjustments will likely be the order of the day for the most part though, so don't expect wholesale changes across the board.


Latest - NEW League Inbound

The Vanarama National League (VNL) hasn't yet featured in the FIFA series, but that could all be about to change in FIFA 23.

With Wrexham arriving in the Rest of the World category in FIFA 22, there were rumours that the VNL could arrive last year, however, that rumour did not come to fruition.

Now, with clubs reportedly added to the code and plans in place for the league to arrive, we could finally see the VNL in FIFA.

Release Date

The next game is still months away from launch, but we could be set for an official announcement from EA soon if the leaks are accurate.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our release date next year.


Cover Star

Each season the cover star for any FIFA game is hotly anticipated, and in FIFA 22 EA sprung for Kylian Mbappe across the two editions of the game they released.

Will we see more editions released for FIFA 23? And if so, will there be a variety of cover stars including some legends on any of the covers?

fifa 22 cover star mbappe
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MORE OF THE SAME - We expect Mbappe to feature on the cover again

These are all questions we don't know the answers to just yet, but that hasn't stopped the FIFA community from coming up with some awesome designs of their own.

Find out everything about the FIFA 23 cover star.



EA has revealed little to nothing about the upcoming FIFA 23 which is expected to launch around Friday, 30 September 2022 based on the release schedule of last year's game.

However, cross-play testing is now LIVE in FIFA 22 as EA looks to add it into next season's game.

In the announcement, EA revealed the game modes that will be available during the testing, as well as the platforms involved too.

Read more about FIFA 23 Crossplay.

Game Modes

VOLTA Football is still the new toy in the box, so we don’t expect any new game modes to arrive any time soon.

Ultimate Team will remain the main attraction as that is EA’s big money-spinner, so expect plenty of work to go into the most popular and lucrative game mode.


Career Mode received a huge overhaul in FIFA 22, so don’t expect massive changes in the next game as EA will look to clean up any loose ends rather than adding lots of new features.

As ever, Pro Clubs will remain a sociable and fun game mode, so we could see something new and exciting there.



Confirmation for any FIFA 23 ratings is still months away, but EA has been releasing regular squad updates with give us an indication of what is to come.

Lionel Messi (OVR 93) and Robert Lewandowski (OVR 92) remain the highest-rated players in FIFA 22, but there are some new additions at 91 OVR.

fifa 22 lewandowski muller bayern munich
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NUMBER ONE - Lewandowski could top the FIFA 23 rankings

Initially, there were five 91 OVR players at the start of FIFA 22, but that has changed in the last couple of months.

We now have six stars rated 91 overall, with Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema receiving upgrades, while Jan Oblak has dropped down to 90 OVR.



Konami usually proves to be the thorn in EA’s side when it comes to licenses, and that looks set to continue.

Atalanta, Lazio, Roma, and Napoli (as of next season) are all exclusive to Konami and eFootball, so they will all have generic names in FIFA 23.

inter milan fifa 21 graphics
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FRESH LOOK - Inter have a brand new kit out now on FIFA 21

AC Milan's exclusive deal with EA has now ended, although the Italian champions will feature in FIFA 23.

The good news is that Juventus will once again feature in the game after their exclusive deal with Konami expired.



EA has already lost one league license to Konami ahead of FIFA 23, but will we see any new leagues arrive in next season's game?

At the top of our wish list would be restoring the Brazilian league, which, despite being in the game, only contains generic players.

As EA said on their website:

Please note: Brazilian clubs will launch with generic player names, and will not be included in FIFA Ultimate Team. We’ll update all FIFA 22 fans about player names when and if information becomes available.

The inclusion of "when and if information becomes available" leads us to think that EA is still trying to secure a deal, however, this hasn't occurred.

Read all about the FIFA 23 Leagues.


EA Sports FC

It's official... 'EA Sports FC' has been confirmed by the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account!

You can check out the EA Sports FC promo video via the Tweet below.

So, it seems that the transition from 'FIFA' to 'EA Sports FC' has been completed.

According to multiple reports, the name change of an EA Sports title called FIFA would come about because EA and FIFA cannot come to an agreement on cost and new revenue streams going forward.

However, as far as we understand, FIFA 23 will still go ahead as normal, but this will likely be the final 'EA Sports FIFA' title in the franchise.