FIFA 23 Ones to Watch: MASSIVE Players Released in Mini Drop


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FIFA 23 has only just been released, but the Ones to Watch Promo is already well under way.

Huge stars have seen a change of team in the offseason, and now the transfers are being celebrated with brand new cards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Here's all the players released so far, including a all new mini drop of European Stars.

LATEST - New Ones to Watch Mini Drop to Round Out the Squad

Three new Ones to Watch have entered the fray, with dynamic cards now available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The three new stars will be a perfect addition to any squad, with upgrades possible as the season progresses.

As well as the main squad coming to packs, the following players have gained a OTW version via SBC and Objectives:

OTW Details Confirmed

The Ones to Watch promo celebrates the biggest transfers of the summer with special live Player Items that upgrade each time the player receives a Team of the Week or Man of the Match Item in FUT 23.

Due to the World Cup and packed footballing calendar, EA will be condensing various FUT events to "deliver the campaigns you know and love, as well as introducing a few new ones".

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch
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TRANSFER STARS - These stars have made major moves this summer

This means that the Ones to Watch event will now run for just one week, instead of the usual two, as per the FUT Launch Update.

EA has acknowledged the incredible transfer window just gone, and claim they will include "all of the blockbuster summer transfers" in the event.

Release Dates

  • Friday, 30 September - Friday, 7 October OTW Main Team
  • Sunday, 2 October - Friday, 7 October OTW Mini Release

Upgrade System

Ones to Watch items in FUT 23 will not only be eligible for a 'Wins to Watch' upgrade, but also a 'Nations to Watch' upgrade too.

For the Wins to Watch upgrade, players will receive a one-time upgrade to their stats if their team wins three matches out of their next eight domestic league games, starting from the full launch of FIFA 23.

A new addition to Ones to Watch is the Nations to Watch upgrade, which will see players receive an upgrade if their nation wins a match during the World Cup.

This upgrade is available to players regardless of whether they are selected for their national team.

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