FIFA 20 Patch: Title Update #6 – Improvements across all game modes, including almost 40 new Star Heads!

The latest FIFA 20 patch has dropped on FIFA Forums, in a post from EA community manager, EA_Andy.

Both Title Update #4 and Title Update #5 brought a massive amount of changes - so, as expected, this update is a little less extensive. Nevertheless, there are still a number of notable changes.

The new patch has launched on PC, but PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until a later date. Keep reading for every change made in Title Update #6.

Gameplay (General)

After a huge gameplay update in Title Update #4 and #5, there are only four changes this time round, with a focus on set pieces.

Set Pieces

  • Shortened the time between the camera cutting away during Penalty Kick Shootouts.
  • Updated CPU AI decision making on free kicks for all difficulties in order to enable a wider variety of free kicks taken (this change does not impact free kick conversion rates).

Addressed the following gameplay issues

  • Improved offside detection in situations where the player given offside was not involved in the play.
  • Addressed instances of sideline characters getting stuck in place with their arms outstretched.

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Ultimate Team

No changes have been made to FUT in the new update, but several issues have been resolved.

Addressed the following FUT issues

There are a number of FUT issues addressed across the board.


  • Desyncs when watching a FUT Champions Channel replay in some situations.


  • Turquoise blue bar was still displaying on the Season Objectives tile when a different tile was being highlighted.


  • The My Friends text was displaying as ‘Undefined’ in some situations on the Team Select screen in FUT Friendlies Couch Play.


  • In some rare instances, players were incorrectly unable to find opponents in FUT Rivals.

PC Specific

  • In some situations, the various tabs at the top of the Squad screen were not displaying after toggling back and forth between screens repeatedly.
  • Sometimes, on the Squad screen, the arrows and numbers from the Formation option would display for the other options.


  • A non-functional button callout was present on the Squad Builder screen when making a Concept Squad.
  • Corrected the lighting of the Opponent’s Squad screen to match the lighting normally used in the Squad screen.

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Career Mode

There are no changes to Career Mode, but a few issues have been resolved.

Addressed the following Career Mode issues

Three Career Mode issues have been resolved.

Created Players

  • Created players having their Skill Moves and Weak Foot reset in situations where an increase to the stat was earned when the values were already at the max of 5.

Contract Negotiations

  • Being terminated from your manager position in some situations due to delegating contract negotiations even in situations where the manager was having significant team success that season.


  • Text alignment issues on the Tables screen impacting Goal Difference and Points.

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No changes for VOLTA either, but there have been a couple of issues resolved.

Addressed the following VOLTA issues

The issues that have been resolved were mainly aesthetic problems.


  • Some of the Attribute boost arrows for Chemistry were displaying on the wrong Attributes for your current Chemistry Style.


  • The Harvester Jacket was not correctly displaying on all Avatars.
  • Players were showing their age as -852 on the Penalty Kick Selection screen.
  • An overlay was incorrectly displaying in the top left corner when playing the first Training Drill of a session.

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Pro Clubs

Just one visual issue has been resolved in Pro Clubs.

  • The Overall Rating for some players was displaying incorrectly in the Pro Clubs screens (this was a visual issue only).


There have been a few visual changes, as well as one visual issue that has been addressed.

Visual Changes

  • Added 39 new Star Heads, including Nicolas Pepe - these will only be available following a server update and will be announced on @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter.
  • Updates to multiple players, Star Heads, kits, crests, teams, banners, balls, trophies, and boots.

Addressed the following visual issues

  • In some displays, there was a black line down the middle of the screen while on the Side Select screen.

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  • The Saudi Pro League is now known as the MBS Pro League.

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