FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Best MLS Team - Zlatan, Vela, Nani & more

It’s MLS Cup week over in the States, with Western Conference side Seattle Sounders, who finished 2nd in the regular season, coming up against the Eastern Conference’s Toronto FC, who finished 4th in their division.

It’s somewhat of a surprise match-up, given the fine form of New York City and Los Angeles FC, but that's just how things go in the knockout format MLS play-offs.

In the spirit of the week, we are sure some of you avid FIFA players would like to try out the league, one of which you may not have much experience with.

So to help you out, we at RealSport have drawn up our Ultimate MLS XI for you to try out.

GK - Andre Blake (OVR 76)

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Age: 28

Position: GK

Club: Philadelphia Union

Country: Jamaica

Best stats: 83 reflexes, 78 diving, 74 positioning

Cost: 1.3k PS4 / 1.4k Xbox One

Inbetween the sticks in this Ultimate MLS team is the Philadelphia Union number one, Andre Blake.

Blake happens to be the only gold rated goalkeeper in the MLS in FIFA 20, coming in with a 76 OVR. Whilst the prospect of 76 rated goalkeeper in your side may fill you with a bit of dread, Blake does have some decent stats, with 83 reflexes being the standout attribute.

Alternative option: Luis Robles (OVR 74)

RB - Jorge Moreira (OVR 72)

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Age: 29

Position: RB

Club: Portland Timbers

Country: Paraguay

Best stats: 88 sprint speed, 82 acceleration, 80 stamina

Cost: 1.2k PS4 / 1.3k Xbox One

Filling the first of two full back slots in the 4-1-2-1-2 formation which we have selected is the Portland Timbers Paraguayan Jorge Moreira.

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The fullback positions in the MLS are one of the weakest points across the squad, with the majority of the selection being silver rare players such as Moreira. Whilst his defensive stats aren’t great, Moreira can get up and down the wing well, with 88 sprint speed and 82 acceleration.

Alternative option: Zachary Brault-Guillard (OVR 64)

CB - Bastian Schweinsteiger (OVR 76)

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Age: 35

Position: CB

Club: Chicago Fire

Country: Germany

Best stats: 87 composure, 83 long passing, 82 short passing

Cost: 3k PS4 / 2.9k Xbox One

Whether people agree with it or not, some of Europe’s finest players head off to the States to finish their career with one final hefty payday - Bastian Schweinsteiger is one of these names.

The 35-year-old German veteran is well known for being one of the best holding midfielders of his generation, however he has made the move back to centre back during his time in Chicago.

As would be expected, his passing stats are his standouts. 83 long and 82 short passing are ideal for those who like to play out from the back.

Alternative option: Giancarlo Gonzalez (OVR 76)

CB - Aaron Long (OVR 75)

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Age: 27

Position: CB

Club: New York Red Bulls

Country: United States

Best stats: 85 jumping, 83 strength, 82 stamina

Cost: 850 coins PS4 / 800 coins Xbox One.

Joining Scheweinsteiger at the heart of this Major League Soccer back four is New York Red Bull’s American, Aaron Long.

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Whilst you may worry about the lack of pace which his German CB partner possesses (34 OVR), the 28-year-old American will be able to make up for it with his 78 sprint speed and 72 acceleration. At 6’1” with 77 heading accuracy he also provides a threat form set pieces.

Alternative option: Matheus Simoneti Bressaneli (OVR 71)

LB - Ali Adnan (OVR 75)

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Age: 25

Position: LB

Club: Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Country: Iraq

Best stats: 86 shot power, 84 stamina, 80 strength

Cost: 1.6k PS4 / 2.3k Xbox One

The final name in the best MLS back four is Vancouver Whitecap’s Ali Adnan.

The only gold fullback in the division, the Iraq international has quite a well rounded card, with a lowest base stat of 68 shooting. Whilst it is unlikely you are going to use Adnan as an attacking threat, 86 shot power and 74 long shots mean it might not be such a bad idea to have a go should the opportunity arise.

Alternative option: Kemal Lawrence (OVR 74)

CDM – Diego Chara (OVR 75)

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Age: 33

Position: CDM

Club: Portland Timbers

Country: Colombia

Best stats: 90 stamina, 88 aggression, 81 acceleration

Cost: 450 coins PS4 / 2k Xbox One

If you’re looking for a speedy, aggressive midfield enforcer to sit in-front of your back four and mop up the danger then look no further than Portland Timbers Diego Chara.

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The 33 year old has spent the majority of his career in Portland, following his move from Deportes Tolima in 2011 and is well known for his feisty temperament. 90 stamina and 88 aggression will help Tolima in those high intensity battles across the 90 minutes

Alternative option: Alexander Ring (OVR 75)

RM – Carlos Vela (OVR 83)

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Age: 30

Position(s): RW, RM

Club: Los Angeles FC

Country: Mexico

Best stats: 85 ball control, 85 finishing, 84 dribbling

Cost: 3.5k PS4 / 3.4k Xbox One

Former Arsenal man Carlos Vela has revitalised his career since moving to Los Angeles FC in 2018 and is undoubtedly one of the leagues best.

The Mexican forward has scored 50 goals in 62 appearances for Los Angeles franchise but could not help his side reach the MLS Cup final, after a shock 3-1 defeat in the Conference Finals against Seattle Sounders.

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Available for just 3.5k on both platforms, Vela is an absolute steal in this side - if you have the money, he also has an 85 rated inform, albeit a striker card.

Alternative option: Cristian Pavon (OVR 79)

LM – Nani (OVR 80)

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Age: 32

Position: LW / LM

Club: Orlando City

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 88 dribbling, 87 ball control, 86 curve

Cost: 750 coins PS4 / 700 coins Xbox One

Whilst Vela may be a physically strong, direct runner, his fellow winger Nani is the complete opposite.

The former Manchester United man is a technical dribbler, highlighted by his 88 dribbling stat. His 5-star skills and 5-star weak foot are perfect for those who like to frustrate their opponent with those tricky feet. His 83 long shots are ideal if you’re looking to cut inside and test the keeper from the edge of the box.

Alternative option: Ignacio Piatti (OVR 80)

CAM – Pozuelo (OVR 80)

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Age: 28

Position: CAM

Club: Toronto FC

Country: Spain

Best stats: 84 balance, 84 ball control, 83 dribbling

Cost: 800 coins PS4 / 700 coins Xbox One

The first name in the squad from either of the two MLS Cup finalists is Toronto's attacking midfielder, Pozuelo.

The Spaniard may not have the greatest pace (66 OVR) however his technical ability makes up for it (84 ball control, 84 balance and 83 dribbling). His 5-star weak foot will help to spread the ball to all areas of the pitch.

Alternative option: Gonzalo Martinez (78 OVR)

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ST – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OVR 85)

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Age: 38

Position: ST

Club: Los Angeles FC

Country: Sweden

Best stats: 91 positioning, 90 shot power, 90 composure

Cost: 6.6k PS4 / 7.4k Xbox One

You didn’t really think we could do an MLS team and not include Zlatan did you? Of course not.

At 85 overall, the big Swede is by far and wide the best rated MLS player in the game.

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He's lost some speed, but with 91 positioning and 90 composure he will find the right spaces and keep a cool head to finish off any chances that come his way.

If you can afford his Ultimate Scream card, he will take your squad to a whole new level.

Alternative option: Wayne Rooney (OVR 80)

ST – Josef Martinez (OVR 81)

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Age: 26

Position: ST

Club: Atlanta United

Country: Venezuela

Best stats: 92 balance, 91 agility, 90 sprint speed

Cost: 750 coins PS4 / 700 coins Xbox One

The final name on our Ultimate MLS XI is Venezuelan forward, Josef Martinez.

The 26-year-old is the ideal partner for the clinical Zlatan in that he has all the pace and dribbling attributes that the Swede lacks. Set Zlatan as a target man and Martinez to get in behind and you will have the perfect front two. With 84 finishing, he's no chump in front of goal either. Alternative option: Brian Fernandez (OVR 77)

The Ultimate MLS Team

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Let’s be honest, unless you’re on a seriously tight budget or a big fan of the American League, the chances are you’re not going to be building an MLS side on FIFA 20.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, five star skiller Nani and the incredible finishing of Zlatan will make the side fun to play with, if nothing else.

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If you are going to choose to use this side, you will need a couple of position change cards in order to reach maximum chemistry though. Carlos Vela (RW>RM) and Nani (LW>LM).

You can purchase the full squad for around the 20k mark on both consoles, so if you fancy playing about with the American boys on the week of the MLS Cup final, then this is the side to go with.

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