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05 Nov 2019

FIFA 20 Reddit: Arsenal winger Pepe finally receives an in-game face upgrade

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£72 million for that?

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New look for Nicolas

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Franck Ribery's FIFA 20 Transformation

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The start of the game face saga

As part of the EA patch, Title Update #5, EA announced that there would be 37 new Star Heads coming to the game.

However, one popular Premier League name was a notable omission to the new Star Heads' list, as FIFA fans continued to display their bemusement over Arsenal winger, Nicolas Pepe's game face.

£72 million for that?

Gamers took to the FIFA sub-Reddit recently to discuss the updated game face Pepe had received in the latest update, which is perhaps worse than his last in-game appearance.

PEPE'S PUZZLING APPEARANCE: The winger's in-game face was unrecognisable

The post above shows just how little Pepe's new game face resembled his appearance, however one user suggested that it could be "a placeholder for a star face in the next patch". Thankfully, they were right.

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New look for Nicolas

On the same day as the last post, another Reddit user posted Nicolas Pepe's brand new in-game appearance.

PERFECT PEPE: the Arsenal man's new game face is a much better likeness

Arsenal fans will be rejoicing at the latest update to their record signing, as they will finally feel as though they can fully utilise their exciting new winger in all his glory.

Nicolas Pepe isn't the only player to have received an updated game face following complaints from the FIFA community - most recently, Franck Ribery's prayers were answered after EA responded to his tweet with a brand new in-game appearance.

Franck Ribery's FIFA 20 Transformation

His tweet not only went viral, but also found its way on to the FIFA sub-reddit.

FUNNY FRANCK: Ribery takes to Twitter to confront EA

Ribery did have a point as the above avatar bears very little resemblance to the Frenchman. 

FRESH FRANCK: Franck Ribery’s updated Star Head in FIFA 20

Well the Fiorentina winger would have been happy to hear that he is included in the updated Star Heads, and is looking much more recognisable, as you can see above.

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The start of the game face saga

EA's rapid responses to poor player appearances is perhaps a result of the backlash they received for Joao Felix's game face.

It all began when Joao Felix’s in-game face was exposed to bear little resemblance to the Portuguese forward – even though he featured in EA’s FIFA 20 ratings commercial.

WHO DAT GUY: Joao Felix before Title Update #5

As you can see from the picture above, Felix’s game face was less than impressive and caused quite a stir on the FIFA sub-Reddit.

One gamer wrote: “He’s also in one of the commercials; the one where they’re determining the rating. Lol you think since he was in the commercial they’d at least give him a face scan.”

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Therefore, FIFA fans were elated when it was announced that Joao Felix was part of the 37 updated Star Heads in Title Update #5.

LOOKING MUCH MORE HIMSELF: Joao Felix’s updated Star Head in FIFA 20

For a list of all the updated Star Heads in Title Update #5, head here.

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