FIFA 20 Career Mode: Free Agent XI & ALL the best free agents to sign

Ever wondered what a starting XI made entirely out of free agents looks like? Wonder no more!

Have you ever wondered if you could sign an entire starting XI for absolutely no transfer fees on FIFA 20 Career Mode? Well then today’s your lucky day, as here at RealSport we have complied the best starting XI made entirely out free agents.

On the game, free agents are players who play for international teams, but their clubs do not appear on the game, making them free to claim on Career Mode. All you need to agree is wages and additional terms for their contract.

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How do I sign a free agent?

To view all the available free agents, head over to the transfers tab and go to search players. On the transfer status box, change it to free agents and hit search.

Choose a free agent from the search results and add them to your transfer hub; find them in your transfer hub and then press ‘approach to sign’ to negotiate a deal.

What’s the difference between a Contract Expiry signing and a Free Agent?

Contract expiry signings are players that can be signed for free when their contract ends. You can make the agreement in the final six months of a player’s contract. They will join at the start of the following season.

A free agent has no current club and can be signed immediately. 

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So without further-ado, here is the best XI you can make, entirely out of free agents.

Head to the end of the page for a table of all the best free agents to sign.


We’ve gone for a 4-2-2-2 formation due to the players that are available; coincidently, this has worked out quite nicely as FIFA gamers recently took to Reddit, claiming this was the best formation in the game.

GK – Andrey Lunev (OVR 79 – POT 81)

Age: 27

Position: GK

Country: Russia

Best stats: 85 GK Reflexes, 80 GK Diving, 76 reactions

Our man between the sticks for the Free Agent XI is non either than Russian ‘keeper Andrey Lunev. With the potential to rise to an 81 overall, he just about beats 80 rated Serendero to the number one spot.

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Signing the 27-year-old on a free is a no brainer for any manager who is in charge of a lower league side. He has a strong 85 GK reflexes, whilst his rush out of goal trait is handy for those who enjoy a sweeper keeper.

CB – Egidio Maestre Schetino (OVR 82 – POT 82)

Age: 27

Position: CB

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 86 aggression, 85 standing tackle, 85 reactions

At just 27 years of age with an overall rating of 82, Uruguayan centre back Egidio Schetino is the highest rated free agent available in FIFA 20 and slots straight in to our XI at centre back.

His impressive defensive stats of 85 standing tackle and 76 sliding tackle are accompanied by 78 sprint speed and 83 agility, meaning he won’t struggle to keep pace with quicker strikers.

CB – Jaime Nicolas Frendado (OVR 81 – POT 81)

Age: 35

Positions: CB, CDM

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 91 jumping, 86 aggression, 83 defensive awareness

The Uruguayan cohort continues with veteran centre back Jaime Frendado claiming the second centre back position. At 35 years of age. Frendado’s 91 jumping and power header trait make him a real threat at set pieces.

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It is unlikely that you will be able to convince the central defender to sign anything more than a year deal, however as a short-term solution to defensive problems, he will do a job.

LB – Mauro Evidio Nerez (OVR 80 – POT 80) 

Age: 31 

Positions: LB, LM 

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 89 stamina, 83 agility, 82 crossing

Nerez has all the necessary attributes to bomb up and down the wing and swing dangerous crosses into the box, so starting him at left back is a no-brainer.

With the ability to play both LB or LM and some all round good stats on his card, Mauro Evidio Nerez is one of the standout picks from the free agency list in FIFA 20.

RB – Giovani Luis Quintana (OVR 78 – POT 78)

Age: 35

Positions: RB, RM

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 85 stamina, 82 agility, 79 crossing

Similarly to Nerez, Quintana has the capability to terrorise the opposition up and down his channel. He may be 35 years old, but his 85 agility reveals that he’s showing signs of slowing down.

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He’ll likely only sign for your club for a single season, but if you need to bring an experienced back-up wing back in to your team, then Quintana is your man.

CDM – Matias David Baldona (OVR 80 – POT 80)

Age: 35

Positions: CDM, CM

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/High

Best stats: 89 standing tackle, 81 aggression, 81 standing tackle

Baldona is the first man in our defensive midfielder partnership, coming in as a hard-working, box-to-box midfielder who will play his heart out for the full 90.

89 stamina, 81 aggression and 81 standing tackle are the 35-year-olds standout stats, however he also has notable technical stats of 78 short passing and 75 long passing.

CDM – Wilmar Barrios (OVR 78 – POT 83)

Age: 25

Positions: CDM, CM

Country: Colombia

Work rate: Medium/High

Best stats: 93 stamina, 85 defensive awareness, 84 aggression

Even though free agent Riquero is rated 79, Barrios starts ahead of him in our free agent XI, due to his potential of 83 overall. With 93 stamina and 84 aggression its going to be tough to best this man physically, whilst his 85 defensive awareness demonstrates the talent Barrios possesses.

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If you’re looking for free agent signings on your career mode, this man needs to be at the top of your list. He has the potential to be the best player on this list and his age means he can play for you for years to come.

LAM – Saul Marcelo Ardero (OVR 81 – POT 81)

Age: 31

Positions: CAM, LM, LW

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 89 agility, 88 balance, 86 acceleration

Ardero is the perfect man to play as a left attacking mid in our starting XI, as he’s a ready-made central attacking midfielder, who can provide a threat from out wide.

At just 5’7″ with high movement stats such as 89 agility, 88 balance and 86 acceleration, Ardero will be a tricky player to dispossess. His five-star weak foot and four-star skill moves will also come in very handy wherever he’s deployed.

RAM – Jose Maria Sildero (OVR 82 – POT 82)

Age: 27

Positions: CAM, RM

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: Medium/Low

Best stats: 88 acceleration, 86 curve, 83 dribbling

Another attacking midfielder who has the ability to play out wide, Sildero will slot in to our right attacking midfielder position seamlessly.

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Sildero is in his prime with 82 overall, and strong stats of 82 dribbling, 81 pace and 81 passing. He is certainly worth going after.

ST – Segundo Mandiquez (OVR 81 – POT 81)

Age: 30 

Position: ST

Country: Ecuador

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 91 strength, 86 heading accuracy, 86 shot power

The first of our strike partnership, 91 strength Mandiquez is a fantastic target man; his 83 finishing and 86 heading accuracy demonstrate that he is a more than capable finisher.

At an 81 overall, Ecuadorian Segundo Mandiquez is yet another free agent who FIFA believe has fulfilled his potential, however when you delve deeper into his stats, he looks a steal.

ST – Luis Roberto Dalves (OVR 81 – POT 81)

Age: 27

Positions: ST, CF

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/Low

Best stats: 87 strength, 84 jumping, 84 shot power

The final man on our list is Uruguayan forward Luis Roberto Dalves. With 87 strength, 84 shot power and 84 jumping, he will make a powerful partner for Mandiquez, with whom he will bully defences.

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RealSport’s FIFA 20 Free Agent XI

Full list of free agents with a 78 OVR and above

E. Schetino27CBUruguay8282
J. Sildero27CAM
J. Frendado35CB
S. Mandiquez30STEcuador8181
S. Ardero31CAM
L. Dalves27ST
J. Serendero31GKUruguay8080
M. Baldona35CDM
M. Nerez31LB
A. Lunev27GKRussia7981
D. Lenzado31CB
E. Riquero31CDM
L. Sareda27GKUruguay7979
E. Aguerro31STUruguay7979
A. Dzyuba30STRussia7979
T. Vilhena24CMNetherlands7882
E. Guichon31LB
G. Quintana35RB
F. Contedo35CAM
H Moreno31CBMexico7878
W. Barrios25CDM

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