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02 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 Formations: Gamers claim 4-2-2-2 is the way to line up

FIFA 20 gameplay has been a popular topic of discussion recently, with EA making many changes from last year's instalment.

With the full game being released last week, FIFA fans have started to share their opinions on the best formations to use in FIFA 20.

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The new 'golden' system

A Reddit post this morning claimed that "4-2-2-2 formation really is OP" and other gamers have taken to the online forum to agree.

Be worried if you face a Prem team like this

The original poster stated that they have experienced "ridiculous success since changing to this formation with no change of players", and that online pros "all use this formation too".

One user agreed replying "same good formation as in last year‘s FIFA, I agree. Perfect counter-formation".

Some gamers have found it tough to nail down the right tactics when using 4-2-2-2 formation, but judging by the responses on the reddit post, your best bet is to use "constant pressure, Depth 4, Width 4, 2 central mids stay back and RB/LB stay back on attack GK sweeper".

But, just how good is FIFA 20's updated gameplay mechanics?

After the first-time finesse, back-post crosses and overpowered kick-offs in FIFA 19 – FIFA 20 had to deliver on its gameplay, and we believe that thus far, it has.

With more difficult skill moves and long shots, as well as improved AI defending, the steps have clearly been put in place to restore the balance between attack and defence. Check out our full FIFA 20 review for more.

Elsewhere in the FIFA 20 community, FIFA players shared their dismay over issues with skill moves, despite the latest EA patch.

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