FIFA 21 Xbox Series S: PRE-ORDERS NOW LIVE, Price, Release Date, Specs, Graphics, Design, Series X & more

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PS5 or Xbox Series X will be a tough choice to make for FIFA 21, and there's a wildcard in the new Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X will be a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X with a bit less of a punch in its hardware. How will it stack up when running FIFA 21?

Latest news - Xbox Series S pre-orders are LIVE

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Release Date

The release date for the Xbox Series X and S has been announced for Tuesday, 10 November.

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Xbox Series S price confirmed

Xbox has finally revealed the price for their Next Gen consoles.

The smaller, less powerful Xbox Series S will cost just £249/£299, while the Xbox Series X costs £449/$499.

On top of that, you can get EA Play with the Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost too!

What is the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S or ‘Lockhart’ is a budget version of the Series X.

Just like previous Xbox consoles, the Series S offers a cheaper alternative to the more powerful Next Gen console.

xbox series s reveal
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STYLISH - The Series S is certainly more attractive than Series X!

Xbox announced that the price of the Xbox Series S will be £249/$299 - comfortably less than the Series X for £449/$499.

This will allow more people to take the step into Next-Gen without having to break the bank.


Although much less powerful than the Series X, the Series S will still outperform the Xbox One.

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Series S will run at 1080p, so it will be interesting to see how the game compares to the most powerful console of the previous-gen - the Xbox One X (which is still more expensive).

Our friends at Stealth Optional perform a comparison of Series S vs One X here.

Xbox series S comparison
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One of the main draws of the Next Gen consoles is the graphics, which already look incredible from the brief glimpse we saw of FIFA 21 at the EA Play reveal.

How will FIFA 21 play on Xbox Series S?

Now this is a tricky one, as you probably won't be able to tell much difference Xbox One and Series S for a game like FIFA 21.

Loading times are likely to be the same, graphics may have a slight edge - but you should really see Series S as a cheaper way into gaming.

fifa 21 sterling gameplay
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TRIPLE THREAT - Xbox players can get three different FIFA experiences depending on console

Microsoft are looking to get as many gamers playing on Xbox, and if they can offer a console that is $200 / £200 cheaper - it is likely to be more favourable as a budget option.

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