FIFA 21: Gamescom - Latest News, Schedule, How to Watch & more

Gamescom is one of gaming's biggest events, but will we see more from FIFA 21?

EA has already revealed plenty ahead of the new game, but is there more to come?

When is Gamescom?

Gamescom will begin on Thursday, 27 August and run through until the Sunday, 30 August.

EA have confirmed they will be participating, although we are still unsure what we will get to see.

How to Watch

You will be able to watch Gamescom on Youtube and Twitch!

The official Gamescom channels will be streaming the event, so don't miss out!

Read more about how to watch Gamescom here.

What will we see?

Lots of games!

EA will definitely be at Gamescom, but they are yet to confirm which games will be shown off.

The FIFA 21 Beta is currently live, so we are unsure if there is more for EA to reveal.

Check out the schedule for Gamescom here.


Ahead of one of the summer's biggest gaming events, here is what we would like to see from FIFA 21.


The biggest part of any FIFA game.

This year will be massive for EA with PS5 and Xbox Series X being released, so they need to make sure the gameplay on FIFA 21 is excellent.

fifa 20 penalties
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MISS! Penalties should be much easier than they are on FIFA 20.

EA has shown off some of its new gameplay features and they look great.

However, we want to see them in action! Some live games would be great to see the new features.


Another hugely exciting aspect of the new game and Next Gen consoles.

mbappe fifa 21
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BLINK AND YOU'LL MISS IT! We got a glimpse of FIFA 21 at EA Play, but from what we saw it will look incredible.

We got a teaser of what the new game could look like at EA Play, but that is all it was.

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Hopefully at Gamescom we will see extended footage of the gameplay that demonstrate the graphics of FIFA 21.

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