FIFA 21 VAR: New features, gameplay, Next Gen, graphics & more

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Most were in favour of VAR arriving in football, with the turning point being the 2018 World Cup, with very few decisions deemed as wrong.

The Video Assistant Referee now exists in all the top divisions in the world, and the cracks have begun to show.

The FIFA series always strives for realism, so is adding VAR the next step for the upcoming FIFA 21?

EA striving for perfection

One thing is for sure, EA will be looking to put things right on FIFA 21.

There have been many players – including pro-FIFA player Fnatic Tekkz – who have questioned the gameplay in FIFA 20, claiming that "no one is enjoying the game".

Fnatic Tekkz
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CHAMPION! Dh_Tekkz with one of his many FUT Champions Cups back on FIFA 19

EA know that they have to come out with a game which is as close to perfect as they can possibly make it in order to get the fans back on their side - would adding VAR help to make it more realistic? Probably.

Video technology exists in FIFA

It wouldn’t be the first time that video technology was seen in FIFA.

After all, EA Sports added goal-line technology into their title back in FIFA 15.

Whilst this was a significant addition when it was first released, it’s probably safe to say the addition of VAR would be on a different level completely.

FIFA Goalline Technology
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NO GOAL! Goal-line technology was first seen in FIFA 15

There's no doubt that VAR would create a more realistic football experience, but would FIFA fans really want that sort of stress in the game?

Football Manager use VAR

Should FIFA decide to introduce VAR they wouldn't be the first football game to do so.

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VARSICAL! VAR was first seen in FM19

Football Manager added VAR to their game back in their 2019 release and have carried it over to FM20.

But that being said, there is a whole different feel around playing a game of FM as opposed to taking to the field on FIFA.

Ultimate Team troubles

Given the high stakes of FIFA Ultimate Team, and even more so on the competitive scene, it's unlikely that VAR will come in.

fut champions rewards fifa 20 weekend league
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TICK TOCK - With 30 games to play, we can't be hanging around for VAR

Even if it is programmed to always produce the right decision in-game (if that's even possible) the time consumption will just see it skipped as people look to play their 30 Weekend League matches.

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So perhaps it could exist in kick-off and Career Mode, but not implemented in the online game.

Will we see it in FIFA 21?

It would cause a stir, that’s for sure. But if there’s one thing we know about EA, it’s that they like to make a statement and VAR would definitely do that.

But is there any need for it? Well, no.

xbox series x top
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NEXT STEP - Could VAR be perfect for Next Gen graphics?

Considering that FIFA 20 is a video game, the refereeing decisions aren't assessed by the naked eye and therefore they don't actually need to be reassessed.

Therefore, the addition of VAR to FIFA 21 would be purely for cosmetic reason.

Will EA opt for it? Only time will tell - but we'll update this article with the answer, the moment we know.

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