FIFA 21 Title Update: Soft Yellow Cards Abolished in Latest Update

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FIFA 21 has recently released another TitleUpdate, which has made some key changes to the footballing sim.

One of those changes has been alterations to the way in which yellow cards are awarded.

Here is what we know.

Reduced Yellow Cards

Whilst it seems near on impossible to pick up a straight red card in this years FIFA, yellow cards seem to be handed out willy-nilly.

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This looks set to be a thing of the past in the latest update, with EA adjusting referee logic in potential yellow card scenarios, with the intent of reducing the likelihood of a yellow card being given

What does this mean?

Don't think that you'll be able to get away with murder, because you won't.

In short, what this means is that those little accidental ankle clips whilst attempting to run behind a man with the ball are less likely to be given as a yellow card, unless they are in on goal obviously.

The area of the pitch will also be taken into consideration, but that's not to say that you'll get away with diving in two footed with your striker, that will still result in the referee going to his pocket!

Red Cards

EA haven't mentioned anything about changes to red cards within their latest title, but is that something we could see further down the line?

Red cards were quite ridiculous on FIFA 20, every time you brought down your opposition you feared the worst. Thankfully that is no longer an issue in FIFA 21.

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However, there is a feeling that EA has gone too far the other way. You can bring down your opposition with a cynical, last man challenge, and the referee will only show you a yellow card.

That's something that needs looking at in order to make the game as realistic as possible. The next title update perhaps?

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