Xbox Games With Gold April 2020 COUNTDOWN: Announcement date, release, reveal, free games, updates, & more

There are free games on the horizon, when will we know which ones they will be?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
games with gold gwg countdown

Lockdown is in full swing around the world, so we all have more time to enjoy Xbox’s Games With Gold.

With March rapidly disappearing, we are still waiting to hear what is coming in April.

What games will Microsoft give its loyal players for free in April?

Let’s take a look as we await the announcement!


Reveal date

xbox games with gold march

We are expecting an announcement from Microsoft about April’s games at any moment.

In a normal month we would have heard about the titles last week, but obviously March has been far from normal thanks to COVID-19.

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We have seen some games be impacted, such a Call of Duty, and have to delay updates.

Hopefully, there will be no issue for Games with Gold!

Games with Gold April 2020 Predictions

Doom Slayer in Doom (2016)
DEMON KILLER: Fans have wanted Doom (2016) all year

It’s always tough to predict what games will be free each month given the sheer number of titles out here in the Xbox catalogue.

One game fans have asked for all year is Doom (2016). The iconic franchise got an incredibly successful reboot that delivered a shot of adrenaline to players. With the sequel, DOOM Eternal, dropping last week it seems like the perfect time to give players a taste.

Co-op games

human fall flat
WORK TOGETHER: Co-op games will be key to our sanity!

Given the number of people locked in with their family and roommates, having some co-op games available to Xbox players would certainly be useful for keeping households entertained.

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Games like Human Fall Flat and Overcooked are high on our list of co-op games, and you can see the best ones here!

Toby Durant