Xbox Games with Gold April 2020 Latest: Wishlist, Deals, Discounts & more

With an Xbox Live membership, users are given access to some fantastic games for much less.

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xbox live games with gold

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member – then you must get involved with Xbox Live’s Games with Gold.

Games with Gold provides free games, discounts, DLC and more, and here we run through the various deals on offer.

Though the April Games will be revealed tomorrow, members will still have access to March’s games heading into the first week of April.

We are always hoping to see a blockbuster title pop up in the monthly campaign – this month more than ever – and our predictions for April’s Games with Gold reflect this desire.

Continue below for more information on our wishlist.

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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a separate membership to Xbox Games with Gold, with this subscription giving you “unlimited access to over 100 games”.

There are a few games that we would really like to see in April’s Games with Gold list.

Doom (2016)

The Xbox community has been asking for this one all year, and April seems like the perfect time for it to arrive.

RIP & TEAR: Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like Doom

With Doom Eternal hitting the shelves on 20 March, showing off the brilliance of the 2016 reboot would be a smart marketing strategy.

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It would also be incredibly fun for us!

Overcooked 2

Co-op cooking has never been more fun.

overcooked 2 games with gold
TEAMWORK: Makes the dream work

Overcooked 2 is a whirlwind of challenges to get dishes prepped while surviving kitchens that would give Gordon Ramsey fits.

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Project Cars

The era of ultra-sim racing can be intimidating, but nothing makes it quite as much fun as Project Cars.

Project Cars Features Online
DRIVE TO SURVIVE: Project Cars will test your skills

With over 100 tracks and basically any car you can think of, you can experience close racing from the comfort of your sofa.

Be sure to keep checking in for all the updates for April’s Games with Gold!

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