Wuthering Waves is Out Now! 1.0 Banners, Events, and More

Wuthering Waves key art.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves key art.
Credit: Kuro Games

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Wuthering Waves is out now! Making waves with its two banner phases in the 1.0 patch, players can also look forward to exploring the expansive starting area of Huanglong, tackling side activities, and embarking on the thrilling main quest.

Set to join the ranks of popular gacha games with its stunning cast of anime-style characters and a vast open world teeming with puzzles and treasures; Wuthering Waves also boasts a robust combat system and unique traversal mechanics that set it apart from the crowd.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 Release Date

Wuthering Waves launched globally on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 3 AM BST!

Similar to other recent gacha games, Wuthering Waves will be playable across a variety of platforms, including PC (via Epic Games), Android, and iOS. A PlayStation version has been confirmed but will arrive at a later date.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan pull animation.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners Revealed

Here are the characters that you can expect to be featured in 1.0's Phase 1 and Phase 2 banners:

  • Phase 1 (May 23, 2024):
    • 5-star
      • Jiyan: Aero / Broadblade
    • 4-star
      • Danjin: Havoc / Sword
      • Chixia: Fusion / Pistols
      • Mortefi: Fusion / Pistols
  • Phase 2 (June 13, 2024):
    • 5-star
      • Yinlin: Electro / Rectifier
    • 4-stars:
      • Taoqi: Havoc / Broadblade
      • Aalto: Aero / Pistols
      • Yuanwu: Electro / Gauntlets

The Version 1.0 Weapon Event Convene (Limited-time weapon banner) should feature Jiyan’s signature Broadblade, Verdant Summit, and Yinlin’s signature Rectifier, Stringmaster, in Phase 2!

A screenshot from the Wuthering Waves Global Launch Trailer "WAKING OF A WORLD"
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Credit: Kuro Games

Jiyan is a beginner-friendly 5-star Anemo powerhouse. His straightforward hack-and-slash style combined with impressive damage output lets him dominate early levels and remain a valuable asset later on. He’s widely dubbed as one of the strongest Main DPS units in the game as of now.

Yinlin is a powerful Electro Resonator who can deal consistent AoE damage with her puppet, Zapstring. Her unique ability to tether enemies allows her to chain attacks and trigger AoE effects for your entire party, making Yinlin a phenomenal DPS who can shred through hordes of enemies with ease.

As confirmed in the Japan Reveal Livestream, there will be a three-week banner cycle for new characters, ensuring a steady stream of fresh content.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 Events

There will be time-limited events during the Wuthering Waves 1.0 update, allowing players to familiarise themselves with the world and characters while earning helpful in-game resources, like weapons, Echoes, Tides, character EXP, and more. Unlike story content and side quests, these events have deadlines, so make sure to participate and claim your rewards before they disappear!

These events' exact details and duration remain under wraps, but the upcoming livestream might shed some light! Login events, where players are gifted in-game goodies for logging in during the event period, are a strong possibility.

A screenshot from Lingyang's showcase trailer.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Here's what we know about the new challenges and features from the Japan Reveal Livestream:

  • New Bosses: The Crownless Female boss will provide a formidable challenge.
  • More Grapple Points: Improved navigation.
  • New Mission Types: Engage in specific boss fights to earn rewards.

Everything Else We Know About Wuthering Waves 1.0

Get ready to dive into the first Wuthering Waves global update! Here's a breakdown of everything we know about the major content arriving at launch:

Standard Banners

  • Beginner’s Choice Convene (Starting banner): Wuthering Waves' beginner's banner guarantees at least one 5-star character within your first 50 pulls. Each ten-pull comes at a discounted rate of 20%! That means you'll only need eight Lustrous Tides for every ten pulls. Once you've completed your 50 pulls, the banner then transforms into a one-time selector that lets you choose a guaranteed standard 5-star character. You will get your chosen 5-star character within 80 pulls. Choose wisely, as the banner closes after you obtain your chosen character!
  • Character Permanent Convene (Standard character banner): This banner features a pool of 5-star characters that will remain obtainable even after patch updates. These are the characters you will get if you don't win the 50/50 chance on limited banners. Every 10 pulls guarantee a 4-star character or weapon, and every 80 pulls guarantee a 5-star character. Here are the current standard 5-star characters:
    • Jianxin: Aero / Gauntlets
    • Lingyang: Glacio / Gauntlets
    • Encore: Fusion / Rectifiers
    • Calcharo: Electro / Broadblade
    • Verina: Spectro / Rectifier
  • Weapon Permanent Convene (Standard weapon banner): Forget the 50/50 gamble! This banner offers a guaranteed path to a desired 5-star weapon within 80 pulls. You'll also get 4-star weapons (and rarely, characters) with every 10 pulls. Standard 5-star weapons include:
    • Emerald of Genesis (Sword)
    • Lustrous Razor (Broadblade)
    • Abyss Surges (Gauntlets)
    • Static Mist (Pistols)
    • Cosmic Ripples (Rectifier)
  • Novice Banner: The Novice Banner now includes a random 5-Star at 50 Pulls.

Here are some new updates as revealed in the Japan Reveal Livestream:

  • Extra 20 Pulls for Milestones: Additional pulls for reaching certain milestones.
  • 4-Star Weapon Selector
  • 200 Astrite
  • 40 Pulls from Union Level
  • Free 5-Star Weapon Selector from Union Level
  • Extra 20 Pulls for Support Appreciation

New Weekly Bosses

Two Weekly Bosses are expected to make their debut in the 1.0 release. One is brand new, while the other is making a triumphant return from the first closed beta.

As hinted in the "Waking of the World" global launch trailer, players got a sneak peek at a new Weekly Boss: an eldritch horror-esque figure with massive black wings comprised of wrangled arms. This new boss was also featured in the official livestream announcement banner.

During the first closed beta, there was a narwhal-like Weekly Boss that didn’t appear in the second closed beta. Now, there’s a high chance of it appearing in the global release, as its origins are likely tied to one of the explorable areas launching with 1.0, called Black Shores.

Map details

Wuthering Waves takes place on Solaris-3, also known as Sol-III, the third planet from the sun. This vast world has six nations, with your journey beginning in Huanglong.

  • Jinzhou City: A bustling city that serves as your starting point
  • Central Plains
  • Desorock Highland
  • Gorges of Spirits
  • Tiger’s Maw
  • Wuming Bay
  • Port City of Guixu
  • Dim Forest
  • Whining Aix’s Mire
  • Suspended Ruins
  • Black Shores

Suspended Ruins is a brand-new area, inaccessible in the closed beta tests, located at the edge of the map. Theories suggest it might be a set of floating islands, requiring grapple hooks and wings for navigation.

Another new area is the Black Shores region, home to Encore and Aalto. This water-surrounded region was hinted at in the CBT1 concept trailer, marked by a large glass dome.

Domains, Tower of Adversity, and Elusive Realm

As you progress, you'll unlock domains specifically designed for gathering materials. Resource Domains provide the materials needed to level up characters, weapons, and their enhancements. Expect to face waves of weaker enemies as you gather these resources. On the other hand, World Bosses and Weekly Bosses allow players to test their mettle against single-boss battles that take patience and strategic team compositions to conquer.

Wuthering Waves also features its equivalent of Abyss and Simulated Universe in the form of Tower of Adversity and Elusive Realm. Tower of Adversity has time-limited challenges and Elusive Realm is a rogue-like dungeon.

Wuthering Waves new Weekly Boss.
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Credit: Kuro Games

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