Wuthering Waves Tier List (CBT2)

Characters in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Game

Characters in Wuthering Waves
Credit: Kuro Game

The upcoming open-world RPG Wuthering Waves is set to release this month, and players couldn't be more excited. Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with monsters, the game will have you exploring the vast open world and fighting those monstrous enemies with your team.

16 characters have already been revealed, and each one of them has unique skills. If you want to get a headstart in the game, you’re in the right place — as with our Wuthering Waves tier list, you will know who the best characters are! Let’s dive in.

Wuthering Waves Tier List

We’ve divided this list into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D; with S-tier having the best characters and D-tiers with the worst.

A showcase of characters in Wuthering Waves.
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Note that once the final version of the game is released, the rankings might change. However, we’ll be sure to update this tier list so that you have the most up-to-date information available!

Wuthering Waves Tier List


Jiyan (Main DPS)
Calcharo (Main DPS)
Yinlin (Main DPS)
Jianxin (Sub DPS)


Verina (Sub DPS/Support)
Mortefi (Sub DPS/Support)
Encore (Main DPS)
Yangyang (Sub DPS)
Danjin (Sub DPS)
Lingyang (Main DPS)


Rover (Main DPS)
Aalto (Sub DPS)
Sanhua (Sub DPS)


Baizhi (Sub DPS/Support)
Chixia (Sub DPS)


Yuanwu (Sub DPS)
Taoqi (Sub DPS/Support)


S Tier Characters

  • Jiyan (Main DPS)
  • Calcharo (Main DPS)
  • Yinlin (Main DPS)
  • Jianxin (Sub DPS)
Jiyan, an S-tier character in the Wuthering Waves tier list.
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Jiyan, a dashing 5-star Aero Main DPS with a straightforward hack-and-slash playstyle, carves through enemies with ease while dealing devastating damage. This combination of simplicity and immense damage potential cements his position in the S-tier. Check out our guide on Jiyan's build!

A Tier Characters

  • Verina (Sub DPS/Support)
  • Mortefi (Sub DPS/Support)
  • Yangyang (Sub DPS)
  • Encore (Main DPS)
  • Danjin (Sub DPS)
  • Lingyang (Main DPS)
Verina, an A-tier character in the Wuthering Waves tier list.
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Verina, a vine-wielding 5-star Spectro character, uses vines to lash out up to five times, gaining Photosynthesis Energy on the final strike. She can also attack while airborne, raining down continuous mid-air assaults. As a versatile combatant, she seamlessly weaves offense and support, thus earning her a position on the A-Tier.

B Tier Characters

  • Rover (Main DPS)
  • Aalto (Sub DPS)
  • Sanhua (Sub DPS)
Rover, a B-tier character in the Wuthering Waves tier list.
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The protagonist of Wuthering Waves, Rover is a 5-star Sword-user who may be able to use multiple attributes, much like the Traveler wields different elements in Gensihn Impact. The game begins with Rover using Spectro, with basic attacks that unleash up to 4 strikes and heavy attacks that channel powerful Spectro blows.

C Tier Characters

  • Baizhi (Sub DPS/Support)
  • Chixia (Sub DPS)
Baizhi, a C-tier character in the Wuthering Waves tier list.
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Baizhi, a 5-star Glacio Mutant Resonator, wields the Rectifier as a sub-DPS and support. It looks like she’s going to be a useful healer for your team, as her true strength lies in her symbiotic bond with You'tan. This gives her remarkable healing abilities, mending wounds and even resurrecting fallen allies.

D Tier Characters

  • Yuanwu (Sub DPS)
  • Taoqi (Sub DPS/Support)
Yuanwu, a D-tier character in the Wuthering Waves tier list.
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Yuanwu, a 4-star Electro Natural Resonator, harnesses the power of thunder through his Gauntlet. His skills infuse allies with Lightning Infused status while dealing Electro damage. With his Rumbling Spark, he can cause devastating Electro damage and gaining Lightning Infused state himself. While he’s not as powerful as the rest of the array, Yuanwu provides valuable team Electro support and buffs as a reliable sub-DPS utility character.

That concludes our Wuthering Waves tier list! Now you should have a better idea of who the best characters in the game are, and build your team accordingly. Before you go, make sure to check out our guide on the Wuthering Waves Gacha and Pity System, and find out whether the game has co-op or multiplayer features!

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