Wuthering Waves Yinlin Materials Ascension & Forte Farming Guide

Wuthering Waves Yinlin official banner.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Yinlin official banner.
Credit: Kuro Games

Excited for Yinlin, Wuthering Waves' hotly anticipated 5-star Resonator? Get ready to farm Yinlin’s Ascension and Forte materials to maximize her power when her banner drops in 1.0 Phase 2! With her striking red hair, unique puppeteer-like abilities, and domineering personality, Yinlin is already stirring up a storm in the community.

Wielding her puppet, Zapstring, Yinlin is a 5-star Electro Rectifier unit that excels at creating chain attacks by tethering enemies, triggering devastating AoE effects for her entire party. To unleash Yinlin's full potential and reach level 90, you'll need to gather specific Ascension materials at each 10-level interval.

Yinlin Expected Release Date

Headlining Wuthering Waves' second limited-character banner, Yinlin is expected to arrive right after Jiyan's run. While the official release date hasn't been announced yet, insights from the second closed beta suggest Yinlin may receive her debut banner around June 13, 2024, roughly three weeks following Jiyan's banner.

A screenshot of Yinlin from Wuthering Waves second closed beta gameplay trailer.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Yinlin Ascension and Forte Materials List

To reach Yinlin's ultimate prowess, you'll need to gather both her Ascension and Forte materials.

Ascension materials directly raise Yinlin's base stats, with higher Ascension levels allowing for further upgrades in her Fortes (unique character abilities).

  • Ascension materials:
    • Coriolus x60
    • Group Abomination Tacet Core x46
    • LF Whispering Core x4
    • MF Whispering Core x12
    • HF Whispering Core x12
    • FF Whispering Core x4
    • Shell Credit x2,200,000

Yinlin's unique skills, known as Fortes, require specific materials to unlock and level up, significantly increasing her power on the battlefield:

  • Forte materials:
    • LF Whispering Core x25
    • MF Whispering Core x28
    • HF Whispering Core x40
    • FF Whispering Core x57
    • Lento Helix x25
    • Andagio Helix x28
    • Presto Helis x55
    • Unwarranted Feather x67

Yinlin Ascension and Forte Materials Farming Guide

Details about the locations of Yinlin’s materials are currently scarce. However, we do know that Coriolus nodes can be found scattered across the Dim Forest, typically growing on trees or rocks. You can also purchase 15 Coriolus from a vendor in Jinzhou Main City, but it's unclear if this is a one-time purchase or will be restocked.

With Wuthering Waves' robust traversal system featuring double-jumping, grapple hooks, and the ability to run up a mountain and even sprint across walls, farming for Overworld materials promises to be an enjoyable experience! The many Fast Travel waypoints also make traveling from one place to another a breeze.

Rest assured, we'll update this guide with the best farming routes, material respawn timers, and more once the game releases. Stay tuned!

Wuthering Waves Yinlin gacha animation.
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Credit: Kuro Games

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