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Valorant newest agent goes by the name of Gekko, and the initiator was released in Episode 6 Act 2. Gekko is the spritely young agent who brought his four friends with him, Thrash, Wingman, Dizzy, and Mosh Pit.

With some new mechanics added to Valorant, Gekko can be a little awkward to play with. However, if you are an initiator player, you need to master him. He fits in almost every team composition and is useful in all maps.

As a self-sufficient agent, Gekko can do a multitude of tasks, which makes him a very valuable agent. So, if you're looking for a new way to play Valorant with some adorable little buddies, then Gekko is for you.

Without further ado, let's take a look at Gekko's abilities and playstyle.

Gekko Abilities

Like every agent in Valorant so far, Gekko has four abilities. Each of them is unique and can single handly swing rounds in your favour. With Gekko being an initiator, his skills are focused on getting information and helping his teammates take control of an area.

Gekko abilities are called Dizzy, Wingman, Mosh Pit, and Thrash. Dizzy allows Gekko to scout an area and will blind any enemy in her line of sight for 2.5 seconds.

Wingman is one of the most unique abilities in Valorant. You can send him to plant or defuse the bomb. He can also be used to scout an area just like Skye Trailblazer ability.

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Mosh Pit is essentially a molly. It does damage in the area it lands, similar to Viper Snakebites or Brimstone Incendiary. However, Mosh Pit duplicates across a large area after landing, and after a short delay, it explodes. This makes it arguably the strongest molly in Valorant.

Gekko ultimate is a mix of Skye Trailblazer and Killjoy Lockdown. He can control Thrash to search for enemies and discover their locations. If he hits them with it, they will be detained.

If you want to learn more about these abilities, check out our Gekko abilities in-depth guide.

Gekko Playstyle in Valorant

As mentioned above, Gekko is an initiator. So, all of his abilities are useful to gather information, in plenty of different ways.

Gekko's signature ability, Dizzy, is great to clear areas on the map. It will allow you to know if there are players in that area, and force them to back in order to not get blinded. When combined with your teammate's abilities it's even stronger.

You can use Dizzy to set up your duelist to enter the bombsite. Allowing him to easily gain control of the area, and catch the enemies that were blinded by Dizzy. Once you blind an enemy, make sure you capitalize on it, since 2.5 seconds is a long time in Valorant.

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Dizzy is one of the best recon abilities in Valorant

Gekko's Q ability is really useful if used at the perfect time. You need to be careful when sending Wingman to plant the Spike. Make sure you cover him when planting, and ideally, you want to have a smoke blocking the enemy's vision. This way, it will be much harder for enemies to destroy Wingman.

You can also use Wingman to defuse the Spike, or gain information. In retake situations, send him to defuse the Spike. Once enemies hear the defuse start, they will have to show themselves, even if they just throw a molly onto the Spike.

This way, you will learn where your opponents are, and will be easier to retake the bombsite. It gives you more time to clear areas where the enemies might be. You also have your crosshair already holding the angle your opponents might show up from, giving you a massive advantage.

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You can send Wingman to plant the Spike!

The Mosh Pit can be used to clear areas your opponents might be when attacking, forcing them to fall back. It can also be used in defence, to prevent the enemies' advance, or to slow the opposing team's rush. Using this ability to deter people from plating the spike is also one of its best uses.

Mosh Pit is also great for post-plant situations on the attacking side. The molly does a lot of damage and can prevent opponents from defusing the spike when thrown at the correct time.

Thrash is a pretty easy ability to use. It should be used when you want to execute into a bombsite, or in a clutch situation. Since Thrash allows you to search for enemies and discover their locations, it's very useful when entering a bombsite.

If there is only one defender on that bombsite, you can use Thrash to force him back or even detain him. The latter will guarantee you an easy kill and an even easier Spike plant.

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