Valorant Abyss Map, Best Agents and Team Comps

Valorant Abyss map reveal trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Abyss map reveal trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

Serving as the base of the Scions of Hourglass, the aptly named Abyss, Valorant’s newest map, is set within the caverns of an isolated island and introduces a new gimmick that paves the way for mobile agents to shine: there are no boundaries! Precarious ledges connect branching paths, and one misstep could send players plummeting to their deaths.

Revealed right before the Valorant Masters Shanghai Grand Finals in a thrilling showmatch, players took advantage of the map's verticality, numerous close corners, jump shortcuts for surprise flanks, and of course, the perilous death drops. Compared to the traditional, LA-inspired Sunset map, Abyss is a breath of fresh air for Valorant players!

Best Agents for Valorant Abyss Map

Abyss encourages longer-range gunfights, with two spike sites connected by long, narrow corridors and lifted platforms. The three-lane layout features branching paths throughout mid that converge into a central battleground, where a fight for control can erupt from any angle. And of course, there are the daring jump shortcuts, offering highly mobile agents a way to navigate outside and back within the map's boundaries.

As Valorant’s first map with no boundaries, one wrong step sends you careening off the map, but certain agents can turn this into an advantage. We're talking creative plays like blasting enemies off bomb sites or using the jump shortcuts to outmaneuver your opponents.

Valorant Abyss.
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Credit: Riot Games

“For Abyss, we wanted to push players to think differently about how utility and movement can be used in exciting new ways,” explains Joey Simas, Valorant’s lead map designer. “We designed towards this goal by removing the boundaries of the map and letting player creativity shine through. Whether it’s Raze satchelling an enemy off of the map, Omen Shadow Stepping around structures or any agent making use of the more high risk paths around the sites.”

Best Duelist: Raze, Neon, Jett

High-mobility Duelists shine on Abyss, dancing along off-map platforms, fighting around smokes, and taking advantage of verticality to create chaos.

Raze satchels are especially deadly on Abyss, not only propelling her to unexpected angles but also blasting enemies off the map, particularly on the precarious A-site bridge. Abyss's layout features compact spaces and tight corners that opponents can utilize to hold angles. Leverage these spaces to your benefit and catch your enemies off guard by deploying Raze's Boom Bot and Paint Shells.

The numerous branching paths and off-map routes become Neon’s playground. Being able to cover vast distances in a blink with High Gear makes her a constant threat on this map already known for its flanking opportunities.

Jett's mastery of vertical movement shines on Abyss. Her Updraft, Dash, and passive glide grant her access to hidden nooks and crannies, creating frustrating off-angles, especially in the sprawling mid-paths. Combine Jett with an Operator, and you've got a deadly long-range threat that's even more potent on this map.

Best Initiator: Breach, Fade

The numerous corners, choke points, and narrow spaces in Abyss create an environment where Initiators like Breach and Fade, can excel.

Valorant Breach.
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Credit: Riot Games

Breach is a force to be reckoned with on Abyss. His Fault Line can completely shut down entire lanes in mid, stalling enemy advances on those branching paths. Similarly, his Aftershock effectively seals off those narrow choke points. But where Breach truly shines is with Abyss's "no boundaries" gimmick. His Rolling Thunder can potentially knock enemies off the map, especially on the precarious edges of A and B sites, potentially securing those crucial rounds.

The fast-paced tempo of Abyss also favors Fade. Her nimble Prowlers are ideal for clearing out those close corners, while her Haunt can gather valuable intel from unexpected locations. Her wide-ranged ultimate, Nightfall, cast strategically, can cover the entirety of A and B bomb sites, deafening enemies and creating opportunities to send them tumbling off the map in the ensuing chaos.

Best Sentinel: Cypher, Killjoy

With Abyss's high potential for flanking and lurking, information and map control are crucial. This is where agents like Cypher and Killjoy come into play.

Cypher's expertise in information gathering makes the compact bomb sites and narrow entrances his domain. His strategically placed Spycams can secure these confined spaces, especially those tricky off-map platforms. Combined with a well-planned Tripwire setup, you'll have complete control over enemy movements.

Killjoy's lockdown abilities are perfect for Abyss's winding rotations between A and B sites. Her Turret and Alarmbot can alert your team to fast-paced enemy flanks, a prevalent strategy on this map. Killjoy stands out as one of the strongest Sentinel for securing space and keeping your team informed.

Best Controller: Omen, Astra, Harbor

With Abyss' emphasis on long-range gunfights and open sightlines, Controllers who excel at creating targeted smokes that block key areas will be most valuable.

Omen’s long-range smokes paired with Paranoia can be devastating down Abyss's lengthy corridors, blinding enemies and creating opportunities for pushes. On top of that, his teleports allow him to excel at lurking and flanking across the map while also taking advantage of unexpected angles.

Valorant Omen on Abyss.
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Credit: Riot Games

Astra might see a resurgence on Abyss. Her Nebula smokes can effectively block off key angles, aiding your team during site entry. But the real kicker is her Gravity Well, which can be a deathtrap on this map. A well-placed well can potentially pull unsuspecting enemies off the edge, securing rounds in creative ways.

Harbor's wall, High Tide, can cut off vision from the high ground and the many wide-open angles in Abyss, keeping your team safe when executing onto a site. As bomb sites are quite compact, his wide-ranged ultimate, Reckoning, leaves no room for your enemies to escape.

Best Team Comp for Valorant Abyss Map

While there's no single "perfect" team, given Abyss’s long-ranged angles, off-map jump shortcuts, and branching mid-paths, here's a suggested team comp: Raze, Jett, Cypher, Breach, and Omen. A double-controller setup can be very effective in Abyss. Omen, paired with either Viper or Harbor, can lock down key areas and keep your team safe from the many sightlines in Abyss.

However, the beauty of Valorant lies in its strategic flexibility! And on Abyss, we can definitely see a 5-Duelsit comp excel on this map, where fast-paced, aggressive, and risky plays will be rewarded.

That’s everything you need to know about the best agents and team comps on Valorant’s newest addition to its map pool, Abyss! As casual players, pro gamers, and influencers dive deeper into Abyss, the meta will evolve, and new strategies will surface. We'll continue to update this guide throughout the upcoming act with the latest insights from the Valorant community.

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