Is Abyss in Valorant Comp?

Valorant Abyss.
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Abyss.
Credit: Riot Games

The Valorant community is gearing up for the debut of the new map, Abyss, in ranked play. Abyss is Valorant's first map with no boundaries and is filled with precarious pitfalls and vertical gameplay. Off-map ledges connect branching paths, and one misstep could send players plummeting to their deaths!

This unique map arrived with Patch 8.11, which also brought a significant shakeup to the Duelist class. Players are itching to conquer the depths of the abyss with flashy plays, but a burning question remains: Is Abyss included in the competitive map pool?

Is Abyss in the Valorant Competitive Map Rotation?

Abyss is a three-lane, two-site map similar to Sunset and Ascent, but with a unique gimmick: there are no boundaries!

Many players thought that Abyss would immediately enter the competitive map rotation. Unfortunately, this won’t happen until Patch 9.0, which is expected to go live around June 25, 2024, alongside Episode 9 Act 1.

Valorant Abyss.
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Credit: Riot Games

In the meantime, fans can still play on Abyss in casual modes like Unrated, Swift Play, Spike Rush, and Escalation. A special Abyss-only queue will be available for a week, providing an excellent opportunity for players to explore the map, practice strategies, and become familiar with its layout, so you’re fully prepared for when it finally joins the competitive map pool!

Best Agents and Team Comps in Abyss

As Valorant’s first map with no boundaries, one wrong step can send you careening off the map. However, specific agents can turn this into an advantage, opening the doors to creative plays like blasting enemies off bomb sites or using jump shortcuts to outmaneuver your opponents.

This three-lane map with a branching mid-section creates a central battleground where fights erupt from all angles. Verticality comes into play with platforms overlooking key areas such as the bomb sites. And, of course, there are those daring jump shortcuts perfect for high-mobility duelists like Raze, Neon, and Jett. They can dance along these off-map platforms, weave around smoke, and rain down chaos from unexpected heights.

For a more detailed look at which agents from each class shine in Abyss, check out our comprehensive guide, "Best Agents and Team Comps in Abyss", for detailed breakdowns and winning strategies!

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