Valorant - a guide to the duelist role

Valorant agents all have different roles that they must play in order for a team to take the win.

One of these roles is the controller who is capable of holding sites and enemies off.

There are only four controller agents in Valorant at the moment to pick from.

However, they are all wildly different and do offer some pretty different playstyles.

So, if you like the role of a controller but don't like one agent in particular, then there are plenty more fish in the sea... or three.

So, let's take a look at a guide on the controller role in Valorant and what agents, playstyles, and tips to use in-game.

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Controller Agents

There are currently only four controller agents in Valorant.

Brimstone from Valorant
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But, they all have some pretty unique playstyles which make the choices better, even if only limited to four.

  • Astra
  • Brimstone
  • Omen
  • Viper

If none of these ring a bell with you, have a look at our sentinel role guide too.

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Controller agents in Valorant are all about closing off flanking opportunities.

By controlling the map and each site, these agents provide protection for themselves and their teammates.

Camping on angles is a good way to go about this. However, placing abilities in weak points is also good.

Each controller agent has some kind of smoke effect which is great to get the enemy team to reposition.

Astra smoke in Valorant
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Or, risk their lives to get through the smoke.

This smoke is vital for controllers and can really help to confuse enemies or diffuse a fight that's going the wrong way.

Stalling the enemy is the final objective of a controller who gets control of the map and the enemy team with their abilities.

Valorant Controller Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks for the controller role in Valorant.

  • Learn maps to place smoke perfectly.
  • Always communicate and cooperate with your team
  • Stay safe and observe a situation before entering.
  • Use sweet spots to your advantage and camp on them.

Does the controller role sound like something that isn't for you? Take a look at our duelist guide to see if that works better.

READ MORE: Valorant - a guide to the duelist role

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