Valorant Gekko Best Agent Combos - who is best to play with Gekko?

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Gekko from Valorant

Since being added to Valorant, Gekko has become one of the best initiators in the game. He quickly became the favourite agent of many players and is a very entertaining character to play with.

Gekko fits well in almost every team composition, and you can find a lot of value with him on all the maps. His unique skillset makes him a must-play agent if you are an initiator main.

With his friends Wingman, Dizzy, Mosh Pit, and Thrash, Gekko is an unstoppable force who's making some big changes. But, Gekko is a lively LA soul who is still looking for new friends who he can play with.

Whilst some agents may not work so well with his kit, there are many who can boost his abilities and playstyle. Pairing him up with these agents will make Gekko feel almost unstoppable.

So, let's look at who are the best Valorant agents to pair up with Gekko.

The Best Agents to Play With Gekko in Valorant


Any agent who has a smoke ability is perfect to play with Gekko to provide cover. The enemy knows when and where Gekko will go and pick up his abilities, so cover in the form of smoke gives him that protection he needs.

Astra has seen a significant increase in play time recently, with players once again preferring her over other smokers. Her ability to not only smoke, but also pull, and make enemies vulnerable, makes her the perfect agent to pair up with Gekko.

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Gekko has the ability to send Wingman to plant the Spike. So, a smoke that prevents the enemies from seeing Wingman is very useful. At the same time, it allows Gekko and the rest of the team to gain more control over that area.

It makes it easier for him to get into advanced positions. There, he can use Wingman to plat the Spike or scout the bombsite. He can also use Dizzy to recon the area.

If Astra manages to pull some of the opponents, Dizzy will easily be able to blind them. This means that teammates will have an easier time entering the bombsite.


Gekko is an initiator, so his tasks are to gain information, and set up his teammates to get control over an area. His kit is perfect for that. So, you can maximize his potential when you pair him with a mobile agent.

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An agent such as Jett, can take full advantage of his abilities. If Gekko manages to blind an opponent, Jett is quick to capitalize. Jett can quickly kill the blind opponent. At the same time, she creates plenty of space for her team to work with.

She can also create chaos in the bombsite. This will distract opponents from the fact Wingam is planting the Spike. It also gives Gekko more time to reach a great post-plant position. Once there, he can use his Mosh Pit ability to secure the round.

This is why Jett is a great agent to pair up with Gekko.


Gekko's main functions might be gaining information, and setting up his teammates. However, his kit makes him a decent post-plant agent. Wingman has the ability to plant the Spike on his own. So, you will find yourself in many post-plant situations.

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Because of that, it's crucial to have at least one agent who possesses a very strong pot-plant kit. That's why an agent like Viper is perfect to pair up with Gekko. Hit her Snkabites, Viper will be able to win rounds without even having to fire a shoot.



Killjoy can hold a bombsite on her own. This allows Gekko to gather information on the other part of the map. If there is no one there, Gekko will relay that information to his teammates. This will help his teammates rotate quicker and strengthen the other bombsite. Gekko can also try and flank his opponents.

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Information is the most important thing in Valorant. When paired with a Killjoy, Gekko will be able to gather plenty of information. This intel can turn out to be decisive. It allows Gekko and his teammates' different ways to play the rounds. Alternating between being more aggressive or passive in different areas of the map.

The fact Killjoy is also very strong in post-plat situations makes her the perfect sentinel to pair up with Gekko.

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