UFC 4 New Attributes: Clinch Striking, Cardio, Ground Striking, and more

EA recently revealed their first batch of fighter-ratings, and we've now seen that there are some new attributes for UFC 4 that make the game more authentic than ever before.

There are a few changes to way fighters have been rated in UFC 4, which are worth understanding before you step into the Octagon.

Let's take a look at the new rating system and all-new attributes in the game.

UFC 4 Ratings System Explained

Before we jump into the new UFC 4 attributes, here's a quick rundown of how the new rating system works. The good news is that EA has devised a rating system which can be used for both casual and more seasoned gamers.

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HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR CHANCES? There are some seriously powerful fighters in the game

Star Ranking

Now, every fighter has a star ranking, 5-stars the creme de la creme of destructive ability!

This is divided into stand up, ground game, health and moves. This is where people entering UFC 4 for the first time can quickly get to grips with the fighter on hand.

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DUSK TILL BRAWN: Some fighters are a force to be reckoned with

Sounds simple? It is! But wait, there's more to it than you think, or if you want there to be!

Numerical Value

Experienced UFC players will be able to see fighter's individual attribute values as numbers.

That means that you can carefully examine which fighter has even the slightest edge over the others, and with what attribute in particular.

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For example, if you NEED someone who has the quickest leg kicks in the division, you can do the research and find out who's your best bet.

UFC 4 New Attributes

EA have expanded the attributes from UFC 3 to take into account some of the more unique fighting styles that are constantly entertaining fans inside the ring.

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SUBMISSION ON SUAREZ? Perhaps think again!

If you're trying to find the best fighter for you, then pay close attention to these!

Punch Speed & Kick Speed

Rather than having the two connected, UFC 4 actually separates the speed of both strikes.

Careful monitoring of this attribute could highlight a few kinks in the opponent's armour.

Punch Power / Kick Power

Especially important now that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are in the game. Punching power and Kicking power are now separate.

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STRIKING RESEMBLANCE: UFC 4's rendition captures both looks and skill!

So some fighters may have a great straight right, but their front kick be merely an unwelcome distraction!

Clinch Striking

With a brand new clinch striking, we now get a brand new attribute.

Cover star Jorge Masvidal will surely be up there for this one!

Ground Striking

Similarly, with a new ground and pound mechanic, we get a new rating to factor into our fights.

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Make sure your submission game is up there, if you come up against anyone with a high rating for this attribute.


Rather than spreading the score across strike stamina and ground stamina, we get a single attribute now.

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POWER! Garbrandt features some true-to-life impressive striking ability

It makes sense, as let's face it - there's no one element of MMA which is easier than the other.


Recovery is now in place instead of heart and toughness!

This attribute can highlight which fighters to keep the pressure on, and which ones to chip at away over time.

Five Moves

Every fighter will also have five moves which are their best in the game.

Players will be able to view these to gain even more insight into their competition.

When will we get to see the next UFC 4 fighter Ratings?

EA announced that the ratings will be coming in over the next week or so, so you'll be able to get a head start on selecting your fighter ahead of release day.

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For everything all the latest on UFC 4, be sure to check back in with us.

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