UFC 4 Ratings Breakdown: Ranks 50 to 41, Garbrandt, Ronda Rousey, Dustin Poirier, and more

EA has revealed the first batch of ratings for UFC 4 fighters, and we're here for the breakdown you need!

But if that wasn't enough - they've also released the official UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer - which you can watch right here.

Let's take closer look at what we know so far.

UFC 4 Ratings Breakdown

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Perfect for those heated debates you may be entering ahead of the game's release!

Let's go!

#50 Darren Till

EA posted Till's very own individual image, so we can get a good look at what makes up his rating.

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'TILL' I COLLAPSE: Amazing striking, the Brit is definitely one to be cautious around

With a 4 star rating, the Brit has some impressive striking ability, however is weaker (respectively) in the grappling department.

With such a huge frame, he's perhaps not quite as agile as other fighters, but he's still dangerous if you get caught up in one of his combinations.

#49 Paulo Costa

The Brazilian has 4 star rating and with good reason. He's an absolute powerhouse, and famously won against Yoel Romero.

Surprisingly light on his feet, with a serious chin on him - Costa is one to watch out for.

#48 Anthony Johnson

Known for his brutal persona inside the Octagon, Anthony Johnson has some serious knockout power behind him.

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Fighting in the Light Heavyweight category, he'll be perfect for applying pressure early on in the match, and deserves the 4 star rating!

#47 Dominick Reyes

The #1 in the UFC light heavyweight rankings, Reyes comes in at 4 stars in UFC 4.

The 30 year old has a 193cm reach and stands at 6ft 4, perfect for keeping your opponent at range and avoiding getting caught up in clinches!

#46 Cody Garbrandt

Proud recipient of one of the best knockouts we've seen, Garbrandt comes in with a 4-star rating. EA shared his own individual card which you can see below.

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SMOOTH! Cody Garbrandt has some world class striking ability

With a whopping 4.5 stars striking and solid grappling and health, he's going to be one tough customer to come across in the Octagon.

#45 Tatiana Suarez

The Strawweight with the heart of a lion, Suarez is coming in at 4 stars and boy is she tough.

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DURABLE! Suarez looks to have some serious stamina and resilience in the game

Try not to come up against her if you're new to the submission game, and good luck wearing this athlete down with her 5.5 health!

#44 Ronda Rousey

4 stars for the MMA fighter turned actor. She was handed some crushing defeats fairly recently, but don't forget that she's immensely powerful and super tough.

She's also the only woman to win both UFC and WWE championships. But remember - no steel chairs in the Octagon people!

#43 Dustin Poirier

An amazing fighter, and one that managed to keep getting back up even after a bit of a mauling from Khabib, it's great to see him recognised with a 4.5 star rating.

We don't have the full breakdown, but we expect his grappling to be second to none, and his health should be very high too. Watch out for this guy!

#42 Rafael Dos Anjos

The Brazilian American mixed martial artist competes in the welterweight division and is the former UFC Lightweight Champion!

His wins include head-kicks, knockouts, submissions and more, so he's obviously going to be a great all-rounder for the game. 4.5 stars!

#41 Leon Edwards

The top of the first batch, Leon Edwards gets 4.5 stars. The Jamaican-British mixed martial artist competes in the Welterweight category and consistently showcases his impressive skill in the arena.

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DON'T GO TOE TO TOE! Leon Edwards has some powerful striking in his arsenal

The only weak area, comparatively speaking, would be grappling, so our advice would be to go for the takedown as quickly as possible!

When will the next ratings be revealed?

EA has stated that they're planning on releasing the rest of the ratings within the next 10 days. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

In the meantime, check out what EA UFC 4 Creative Director had to say about submissions - and his tips for coming out on top!

UFC 4 is coming to Xbox One and PS4, with no news on a next-gen release just yet, and will be available on 14 August 2020.

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