UFC 4 Fighter Ratings are affected by REAL performances: Daniel Cormier to decide, Details, and more

EA has released a short video on Twitter, with a special message from Daniel Cormier - who is one of the commentators both in real UFC fights, and in the game.

It turns out that ratings won't be set in stone, and Mr Cormier himself will be calling the shots!

Here's what we know.

Ratings adjustments for UFC 4 fighters

We've learnt that real fight performance will now affect fighter ratings in the game.

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So if your favourite fighter's ground game is starting to decline, or if they've been working on their cardio - these changes will be reflected in the virtual world of UFC 4 too.

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WE'RE LISTENING! And we're nervous!

The decisions will be decided after 'select pay-per-views' Cormier will work with the people at EA sports to advise on which fighters should go up, or down in their ratings.

These ratings/ rankings can move from month to month throughout the year, so keep a close eye on what your favourite fighter is doing inside of the ring!

When would the first ratings adjustment be?

With the fighter ratings being released slowly by EA, we imagine that it will be a least a month after the game releases on 14 August, until we see our first ratings adjustment.

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MOVIN' ON UP! Some of your favourite fighters could be climbing the ranks in the game

However, it may be dependant on the schedule of pay-per-views too, rather than follow a fixed formula.

We're sure EA will be keeping us on our toes, and we're looking forward to finding out just who will be moving up the leagues, in and outside of the game.

Release Date and Pre-order

UFC 4 is is out in just a couple of weeks, and you can pre-order by clicking the link below.

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